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Length: Novella

Ethan and Wyatt have been together a few weeks now. Wyatt is both thrilled and still terrified by their relationship. He can’t quite understand what Ethan sees in him and he figures it is just a matter of time before it is over. With the Thanksgiving break coming, Wyatt is even more stressed as Ethan wants Wyatt to come home for the holiday and meet his family. Wyatt doesn’t do so well interacting with people in the best of circumstances, and meeting Ethan’s upscale parents who are sure to be disapproving is definitely making him scared. When the guys are together physically, everything feels perfect to Wyatt. But when it comes time for the emotional stuff, it is much harder for him. And Ethan’s tendency to just barrel on through any issues isn’t helping. Wyatt has fallen hard for Ethan, but now he has to gain the confidence to navigate a relationship and share his feelings if things are going to continue to work between them.

Boyfriend Material is the second book in K.A. Mitchell’s Ethan & Wyatt series. I really enjoyed the first book, Getting Him Back, and was happy to see the story continue here. In the first book, we get the set up for their relationship told from Ethan’s POV. Ethan is sort of a force of nature, with an exuberant personality and a determination to see things work the way he wants (sometimes to his detriment). In this second story, things pick up where the first book left off, this time from Wyatt’s POV. I enjoyed getting this different perspective as these guys have very different outlooks on the world and their relationship. So we get a chance to see things from Wyatt’s viewpoint and understand his fears and insecurities much better. That said, Wyatt has a LOT of fears and insecurities and we spend a lot of the book kind of in a panic spiral where he worries about being unworthy, is sure Ethan is going to dump him soon, and generally feels anxiety about their relationship. Things end on a bit more of a positive note, but the story doesn’t have a lot happening plot-wise so these issues began to feel a little repetitive. There is definitely a “middle of the trilogy” feeling here as we are clearly transitioning to resolution, but that doesn’t really happen here in this book.

I did enjoy getting to know more about Wyatt in general though, and in particular seeing his relationship develop with his uncle. Wyatt grew up without much family and didn’t even know the man until he was in juvie, so it is nice to see them connect and Wyatt start to have a sense of family and someone who clearly genuinely cares about him. In particular, after Wyatt’s insecurities with Ethan, it is nice to see him gaining confidence that he is wanted by his uncle and has someone else he can count on.

Boyfriend Material sets things up nicely for the last book in the series (which comes out in a few weeks) and I am eager to see how it all comes together. I really like Wyatt and Ethan together and am enjoying the young love story that Mitchell has created. I am looking forward to the resolution of their story in the final book.

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