Love TokensRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

As an incubus and master of the brothel Honey Flower House, Chandra is well accustomed to enjoying sex in its many forms. But he also enjoys a bit of romance and to him, sex is one thing but passion is something else entirely. When a powerful demon calling himself Azar shows up at the Honey Flower looking for a runaway bridegroom, Chandra is intrigued and fearful. A previous liaison with a demon left him broken hearted and leery of dealing with their kind on any level.

Azar is cold, calculating, and utterly ruthless. Indeed he’s everything a good demon should be. And when he meets Chandra, Azar immediately claims the incubus as his own, something Chandra doesn’t accept nearly as willing as Azar thinks he should. As they hunt for the missing groom, Chandra realizes his dangerous demon isn’t quite as he pretends. They will have to drop the pretenses between them to solve their mystery and to explore the bond they’ve created.

My review of Love Tokens may be longer than the actual story. All right, so I exaggerate, but Love Tokens is a very quick read. There is only minimal plot development and even less world building. I found this frustrating because two of the biggest reasons I love Megan Derr are her plots and world building. I thought more could have been done despite the shortened format. That said, Derr creates a pair of characters that are plenty intriguing, especially Azar. Both feel somewhat distant, but this makes sense given their otherworldly natures. They are complex and simple all at once and I love characters that manage to possess such a dichotomy. They both wear masks as reflections of society’s expectations of them and once they are cast off, they are decidedly more human than either would like to admit.

Love Tokens is short and sweet. And while its plot isn’t particularly strong, a pair of interesting main characters go a long way to make the story enjoyable. Consider it recommended.

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