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Quinn is a wolf shifter living outside a small village. He has quiet cabin where he can paint and keep to himself. One night, while Quinn is out running as a wolf, he sees another wolf…an injured one. Quinn is curious and concerned, and when he gets back to his cabin, he sees a blood trail. There’s no wolf, though. Instead, it’s a handsome man who has taken shelter in his home.

Goddard has been on the run (mostly in wolf form) for a long time. He’s being hunted by someone from his past. He tried to take refuge in a barn, only to be chased and shot by a farmer who thinks he’s disturbing the sheep. When Quinn offers him safety and a place to stay, Goddard takes him up on it.

Within a few days, Quinn and Goddard realize they’re fated mates and they settle into domesticity. Trouble comes calling one afternoon, however. The past has caught up to Goddard, and now he and Quinn have to fight for their lives and each other.

Oh boy!! Wolf shifters and fated mates! My very favorite! No Matter What is a nice example of why I love these stories so much. It’s a simple idea. Two men who’ve never met before look each other in the eye and realize they’re fated to be together…created for each other. I wouldn’t consider this insta-love, though. They don’t fall quickly and that’s fine. Yes, they’re physically attracted to each other, and they do have sex, but the love comes little by little.

Quinn and Goddard have a good chemistry. I liked both men and they were perfect for each other…two loners meeting and meshing. They’re both quiet, and not a lot of words were needed to convey their feelings for each other. I thought it was kind of adorable the way Quinn wanted to take Goddard to town to get some new clothes and shoes. As Goddard waits in the car, Quinn shopped, and he was excited to tell Goddard all about what he bought. I’m willing to bet it was the most exciting thing to have happened in a long time, and he seemed to really enjoy it.

I don’t want to give away the reason Goddard is on the run because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I will tell you this. It’s well written and thoroughly plotted…and entirely plausible. It’s also terrifying. Goddard tries to give Quinn an out, but Quinn is going to stand by his man and fight. There was quite a bit of action here, and it fit the story perfectly.

I found the ending to be satisfying, even though I’d have loved it if the book could have been longer. I didn’t want to leave Quinn and Goddard so soon. They’re the sort of characters that would be great in a series…hint, hint, Sydney Presley 😉

I recommend this book to shifter and action fans.

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