Perfect Game by Casey CameronRating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Neil has just moved from New York to Minneapolis for work and to indulge his Legendary Pairs hobby, he visits his local game shop. It is there that he meets Robin and the two begin a flirty friendship, connected by their mutual enthusiasm for the card game. Though Neil develops a sweet infatuation for Robin, Neil is unsure whether the other man is gay. Inexperienced with relationships, Neil becomes confused by the mixed signals Robin gives him.

Robin encourages Neil to take a road trip with him to a popular Legendary Pairs tournament in Kansas City. Sharing not only a hotel room, but a bed, means Neil and Robin have the opportunity to explore the growing sexual tension between them, but will their chance at romance be crushed by Robin’s competitive streak and the game that brought them together?

Perfect Game is 87 pages of fun, flirtation, and sexiness. This is the second book I have read by Casey Cameron and already I love the solidity of her characters. Perfect Game is the first book I have read based on a fandom, which I think is an entertaining concept, but it is really Robin and Neil’s characters that engage the reader. Robin and Neil are fairly straightforward men, but no less likable. To me, Neil does not seem to be 28 years old, but I think this just highlights his modesty and sincerity. I also think that Cameron allows us to empathize with the difficulties Neil has romantically because he has only been ‘out’ as bisexual for such a short time,

Neil desperately wished he had any clue how to flirt with a guy, or even how to tell if a guy was flirting with him. He’d been out for all of one year – somehow it had taken him until age 27 to realize that he was into men as much as he was women, if not even more so.

I feel that this also helps the reader to understand Neil’s introverted personality, along with Cameron giving Neil hobbies that include knitting and reading.

Robin is very different to Neil with his arrogance, although this does not make him offensive. He is single-minded in his ambition to play Legendary Pairs professionally, but takes a genuine interest in who Neil is, and because of this, we see a natural development in Neil’s character.

The sex scenes in Perfect Game are steamy and I like how Cameron does not allow Neil to be sexually dominated by Robin. They are both equal and I think this adds to the intensity of these moments.

I thoroughly enjoyed Perfect Game but personally, I would have liked to have known a little more about the game of Legendary Pairs. I could not decide if it was like Top Trumps with creatures from fantasy worlds, or maybe Snap! I am looking forward to discovering more about the game in the second book of Cameron’s series, More Than Luck.

Perfect Game is a novella I highly recommend!

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