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Dallas Greene’s life has crashed down around his ears. Recovering from surgery, with no job and no home, Dallas makes a last ditch effort and drives the length of the country, hoping his brother will take him in. Not only does Stefan offer him a home, but a job as well, in the tech department of his gay porn studio, Idyll Fling. Dallas is a little wary, but his nerves skyrocket when he sees his new boss, Will Dawson.

Will is beyond shocked when his enemy walks in the door. Two years ago, he and Dallas worked for the same company, and Will has blamed all his bad luck that happened then on Dallas. But he’s also attracted to the younger man, and his anger and lust war inside. When they finally act on the simmering attraction, Will runs. He doesn’t know what to do with himself, and he’s Dallas’ boss.

But what’s between them won’t be denied, and they begin a secret affair. Before too long, they really begin building something, but the strain of secrets they are both keeping becomes too big. Lashing out and a misunderstanding causes a fight that neither is sure they can come back from. But Will knows immediately that his love for Dallas is real, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to get the man back.

In this second book in the Fabric Hearts series, we catch up with Raven’s best friend and partner, Will. While it’s helpful to have read Tartan Candy first, it’s not entirely necessary. I liked getting to see Will finding his love, and I liked checking in with Raven and Caleb and seeing that they are doing well. Even with that, it definitely can standalone.

Once again, Burn excels at characterization. It’s one thing I really enjoy with this author. Dallas has been beaten down, and has had to present a certain image in his life. His experiences have made him act and think a certain way, and that, coupled with his recent bad luck, definitely gives him a downtrodden feeling. But there’s glimpses of his spine and self-worth underneath, and as he heals, both physically and emotionally. I liked watching the gradual changes, as he remembers who he is and stands up for himself. And he makes a great match in Will. From the very beginning their chemistry is easy to see, and there’s no doubt that if they can get past their hurdles, they would be amazing together.

I found Will just a tad harder to like. He’s drenched in self-loathing and a need to prove himself. And I totally understand why. His own experiences have taken their toll. But I also found him to be very intelligent, so the depth that went to seemed a little too much. But when he allowed himself to really open and feel with Dallas, his true heart came shining through. So while I would have liked a little more revelation from him, and for it to come a bit earlier, I understood why he thought the way he did. His care and tenderness toward Dallas was really beautiful, and I truly enjoyed them together.

The hurt/comfort in this book is spot on, and that’s one of my favorite tropes, so I really enjoyed that aspect. Both MCs get a chance to care for the other, and I loved watching them together in those scenes. However, I have to admit that the bit misunderstanding seemed more explosive than necessary. Especially when a conversation earlier on could have cleared a lot of it up. That said, because of how Will thought, there really was only one way it could have happened, so it made sense. Fortunately, these guys are well established at that point, so it doesn’t take up too much page time, and is resolved more than satisfactorily.

So I really liked this book, especially the MCs and their relationship. While there were a few points I would have like to see resolved earlier, the plot was paced nicely and the prose was strong. This book is a great addition to the series, and I’m very much looking forward to the next one.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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