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Length: Novel

Grant is an omega who’s being forced to mate with an alpha he hates. In fact, Grant’s never even wanted an alpha. He believes they want nothing more than to keep omegas prisoner and use them as sex slaves. Unfortunately, with this particular alpha, it’s true.

Jack is a beta who has been Grant’s best friend for their whole lives. He’s also in love with Grant, and Grant is in love with him. The terrible alpha took Jack along with Grant, and he’s forcing Jack to remain in wolf form, while Grant is forced to stay in human form.

One day, fearing the alpha will force Grant (and probably Jack) to have sex, Grant begs Jack to run through the woods and seek help while the alpha has gone to town to work. Jack doesn’t want to leave Grant, but Grant won’t take no for an answer. Enter Mike, a new (half a year) alpha wolf. He’s been with another pack, but he wants to take a mate and start a pack of his own. He happens upon Jack on the side of the road and rescues him. Mike is able to replace the evil alpha’s bite with his own so Jack can shift back into human form and heal.

Together, Mike and Jack return and rescue Grant, and they all head to the house where Mike lives with his alpha and the rest of their pack. There, they’ll mount a plan to keep Jack and Grant safe. Also, Grant and Jack must decide whether they want Mike to be their alpha simply for protection, or if they want him as something more.

YAY!! Shifters, and alpha/beta/omega, and knotting, oh my! You all know me by now, and you know I love this stuff. I eat it up and beg for more. The Alpha’s Home was right up my alley, and I really enjoyed it.

Mike, Jack, and Grant had a great chemistry. I loved how Mike was tender and understanding. He wanted a pack of his own, and he wanted it to be with Jack and Grant, but he wasn’t willing to force them. He also acknowledged Jack and Grant’s feelings for each other. They were obviously in love, but they hadn’t been allowed to be together. Just as Mike didn’t want to force himself on them, once they were safe at the house, he encouraged Jack to be Grant’s first. He was aware he could have taken Grant’s virginity, but he didn’t. He was kind and considerate. How could they not eventually fall for him?

I liked Jack’s absolute love and dedication to Grant. He was willing to be bitten and forced to stay in wolf form just to remain by Grant’s side. He also supported Grant’s dreams of going to art school, getting a job, and taking care of himself. He never once tried to talk Grant out of those dreams. I admired Grant because he wanted to be independent. I also felt so bad he suffered such terror at the hands of the bad alpha. That terror carried over to Mike, and it was rather sad to see Grant at war with himself as to whether to trust Mike.

The background characters all played their roles well. I have read the first two books in this Protection of the Pack series, and they’re crossovers from those books (books three an four are on my TBR list now). Even if you haven’t read any of the other stories, you won’t have any trouble figuring out who’s who. There is plenty of exposition. Everyone works together to keep Grant and Jack safe and encourage Mike to bond with Grant and Jack to make a new pack of their own. It’s nice reading about a group uniting to win a victory over the bad guy.

Mike, Jack, and Grant have amazing sexual chemistry. They burned up my Kindle. I’m telling you this because there is a lot of hot m/m/m sex in The Alpha’s Home. Be ready for this. Personally? I love it and think it really added to the story. It’s not necessarily sex for sex’s sake. It’s part of the a/b/o universe. Omegas go into heat for several days a month, and if they’re not on suppressants, it’s up to the pack to help them through it…and boy did Mike and Jack help 😉

If you are a shifter fan, an a/b/o fan, or even just a menage fan, I think you’ll really enjoy The Alpha’s Home. I highly recommend it.

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