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Special Agent Jerry Parker is used to getting shunted around the FBI. The man with the eidetic memory is in high demand, but his somewhat cold demeaner means he doesn’t have a lot of friends. When Special Agent John Flynn is temporarily assigned to the San Francisco office to work on a possible new lead for a cold serial killer case, Jerry is assigned to assist him.

Immediately, things go wrong. Their witness is missing, and Flynn touches a mysterious artifact that suddenly gives him telepathy. Overwhelmed by all the thoughts, Flynn nearly breaks down. But Jerry’s help and calm are exactly what Flynn needs to get a handle on his new abilities. The two men find a rapport and a friendship, but the case goes from bad to worse.

As they learn the truth, Jerry and Flynn have to try to figure out a way to pin the new murder on the culprit within the confines of the law. But Jerry’s life is put in danger, and his connection to Flynn and Flynn’s psychic abilities may be the only thing that saves him.

I was quick to pick this one up as soon as I read the blurb and knowing that I’ve enjoyed this author’s style in the past. Madison has a winner with this book. Told entirely from Jerry’s POV, I was immediately drawn into the story. I loved this guy, whose past experiences have made him wary about connecting and whose standoffish behavior is seen as a turn off by his colleagues. But the reader sees right away exactly what makes Jerry tick, and I loved the way his personality evolved and bloomed the more Flynn got to know him.

The chemistry between the characters sparks right from the first meeting. And it only grows the more they get to know each other. When Flynn gets his ability, things get rocky. But I loved the way the author gave us an insight to how it felt for Flynn. Even though I was missing Flynn’s POV just a touch, the story wasn’t lacking because of it. It seemed to take a long time for Flynn to get to where he could admit his feelings for Jerry though, and while it made sense to a degree, it did seem a little dragged out. I would have liked either more of an explanation, or for that to come to a head a little bit earlier. However, knowing their story continues in upcoming books makes that a little easier to handle.

The basic plot is wrapped up neatly by the end of the story. I thought it was clever and intriguing to a degree, because of the way it was tied into the serial murder case. However, the actual mystery wasn’t that big of a surprise. With two clues, I knew exactly how and why the current murder happened. So, this was just a little bit of a drawback for me.

But I loved the characters, and their connection. These guys work well together, on the job and off, and I was invested in their relationship in both aspects. I definitely want to see what happens next as they move forward. This book hits all the right notes, and if you’re a fan of law enforcement with a little bit of the paranormal, with two well written and well done characters, then this one is definitely one for you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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