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Kegan is employed by an agency that takes care of bad guys (i.e. kills them). During a job that went wrong, his partner, who was also his lover, was killed and Kegan blames himself. He decides to go AWOL from the agency and head into seclusion.

Kegan’s boss decides he wants him back into the fold, so he sets Kegan up for a murder he didn’t commit and then sends Gage, another operative, to bring Kegan in. Once the boss gets Gage and Kegan together, he tells them that a third operative, named Ash, has stolen some important information that could bring the agency down. He wants them to go get him and kill him.

Ash is waiting for the guys with a plan of his own. He calls them, tells them what’s really happening, and the three men begin working together to find out who the bad guys are and take them out before they themselves are killed. Along the way, they discover that not only do they work well together, but there is a passion among the three of them that cannot be ignored.

I liked this book. It was a fun read. The kind of read where you can just sit back, strap yourself in, and take a quick ride into action and adventure. Let me start by saying that there were a few parts where I had to go back and reread. I wanted to make sure I was completely understanding who the real bad guy was and why he was doing what he was doing. I didn’t consider that to be a big problem though.

The chemistry between Kegan, Gage, and Ash was great. Even if they hadn’t become lovers, they would have been great together as a team. Gage and Ash were incredibly supportive of Kegan. Kegan was drowning in guilt over the death of his partner. He kept thinking about what would have happened if only he’d done something different. Rather than discard Kegan’s feelings, Ash and Gage would hold him close and reassure him. It was tender and sexy at the same time. Speaking of sexy, I love a good menage story, and this one was pretty good. The sex was hot, but there was always an underlying feeling of love…even though none of them would say the word. In fact, until about 75%, they’d never even kissed. I thought that was an interesting choice by the author. Their sexual relationship had started as a way to blow off steam and scratch an itch. Kissing denotes a feeling of true intimacy, and Kegan, Gage, and Ash were nervous about facing the way they’d grown to feel.

You Can Never Walk Away had a lot of action, and I loved it! We’re talking shootings, stabbings, and even one memorable scene involving a grenade launcher, a boat, and an exploding house. It brought to mind one of my favorite movies, The Expendables. Men who were basically throw aways who always find a way to get their revenge. As I mentioned earlier, this book was a lot of fun. It never took itself too seriously, even when there was some serious stuff going down.

The book wrapped up nicely, and the end was fitting. I was so wrapped up in it, I wished it could have gone on and on. Personally, I’d love to talk to Kendrick and beg him to write some sequels. Kegan, Gage, and Ash are characters with tons of potential, and there are so many situations they could find themselves in that would be interesting.

I highly recommend You Can Never Walk Away for fans of action, adventure, strong, sexy MCs, and menage. You won’t be disappointed.

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