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As many of you know, Samhain Publishing closed its doors last month taking many favorite books out of print. I have been seeing authors post various updates online as to when they will have their books back up for sale, so I thought I would compile a list here from authors who wanted to share their status. It is still early days so there is quite a big range. Some folks already have books back out, others have their schedules planned, and others are still figuring things out. But here is the latest information I could gather for you all.

I am happy to keep this post updated, so authors feel free to hit me up (or leave a note in the comments) as your status changes and your books come out.

Updated: 3/26/17

L.A. Witt/Lauren Gallagher: L.A. has 28 of her Samhain titles already back up for sale. You can see the full list with details here: http://www.gallagherwitt.com/samhain-rereleases.html

A.M. Arthur: The three books in her Perspectives series are back up on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. She will be re-editing and re-issuing the five Cost of Repairs titles (Cost of Repairs, Color of Grace, Weight of Silence, Acts of Faith, Foundation of Trust) over the course of the late spring/summer with new cover art.

Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon: The authors have already re-released Gentleman’s Keeper and Mending Him. The others will be re-released any time now. The authors also have all their joint books now out in audio.

Harper Fox: Harper has released Cold Fusion and it is available on Amazon and at Smashwords. She is working on re-releasing Driftwood, Scrap Metal, The Salisbury Key, and Brothers of the Wild North Sea.

Barbara Elsborg: Barbara has revised and released a bunch of books, including adding an epilogue to With Or Without Him. They’re available with Apple, Kobo and Barnes and Noble in addition to the Amazon and Smashwords links below.

Lou Harper: Lou will be re-releasing her books at Amazon only. Spirit Sanguine has been submitted and should be live shortly.

Kaje Harper: Kaje will be re-releasing The Rebuilding Year; Life, Some Assembly Required, and Sole Support, but does not yet have estimated release dates.

Joanna Chambers: She hopes to have the Enlightenment series back out in the next few weeks.

J.L. Merrow: J.L. has her tentative plans up on her website at https://jlmerrow.com/coming-soon/titles-previously-published-by-samhain/

Josephine Myles: Jo has her tentative schedule up on her home page at https://josephinemyles.com

Amy Jo Cousins: Amy Jo’s Bend and Break series is making its way back to Amazon. So far you can find Nothing Like Paris, The Girl Next DoorLevel Hands, and Real World for sale already and the others should be coming soon.

Julia Talbot/Minerva Howe: Minerva’s historical femme domme menage Mistress and Her Men will re-release as a self pub this week on Amazon, Nook and Evil Plot Bunny. Julia’s menage Book of Love is in re-writes and doesn’t have a release date yet.

A few other folks responded to my post but do not have specific information yet. So keep your eyes open for release info from Ally Blue, Heidi Cullinan, K.J. Charles, and Z.A. Maxfield.

And like I said, if folks want to let me know when things come out, I am happy to keep this post updated. Thanks!

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