Today I am so pleased to welcome Jessie G to Joyfully Jay. Jessie has come to share an exclusive excerpt from her latest release, Tys That Bind. She has also brought along a gift card to give away.  Please join me in giving Jessie a big welcome!

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“Master?” The bedroom door opened and Chase stood in the doorway, a dark silhouette against the hallway light. The uncertain tone grated over his nerves and made him turn from the windows to watch his boy’s approach. As the door whooshed closed behind him, the crescent moon did little to light the way, but Ty could feel the worry swirling between them and hated it. “Is something wrong?”

“No.” Technically, that was a true answer. Everything was wonderful except his response to how wonderful everything was.

Hyperaware that he’d never been this lucky before, his desire to enjoy their good life had become overshadowed by the insidious voice that insisted on reminding him what he could lose. It wasn’t an exercise he normally wasted time on and the reality that he’d allowed it to grow louder instead of squashing it out of existence hit him with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. When had he forgotten who he truly was?

Beneath the veneer of Ty, he was still Trick and that man did not do fear. If someone or something threatened his family, he would deal with it. Period. The roles of husband and father didn’t weaken that part of him—it strengthened him, gave him something real to protect and fight for, and he would not fail.

Tys That Bind - TeaserChase might not like the name, but Trick was the man he’d been drawn to first. He’d trusted Trick to protect him, offered his body and submitted his will long before he ever met Ty. Giving meaning to that name hadn’t been a change so much as a reconciliation, and Chase saw the whole of him as the same ruthless, protective Master he’d first fallen in love with. Not only saw him—enjoyed, expected, got off on, and reveled in the knowledge that the hands that brought him to the heights of pleasure would kill for him without a second’s hesitation.

In the course of settling into suburbia as a family man, he’d begun to bury that part of himself and on the eve of the adoption hearing, with a dozen or so of their friends helping them pre-celebrate, Trick finally gave him a much-needed slap upside the head. Each and every person in their circle had been introduced to Trick first and they not only accepted that part of him, they fought to be part of his life. Like Chase, they expected and counted on having that person at their back.

They hadn’t asked him to change, Chase hadn’t wanted him to change, so why was he allowing it to happen? Ty didn’t have a ready answer for that. What he did know was that he was tired of that damned voice, tired of holding back, and certain that the solution lay in the arms of his husband. As the house cleared out and they tucked the children into bed, the need to assert that dominance and prove to Chase—and himself—that he was still Trick was impossible to ignore.


Tys That BindUnprepared, ill-equipped, and with no example to look back on, Ty and Chase embarked on a journey to build a family for Ava and Luc that would far exceed anything they dreamed of for themselves. Two years later, they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest expectations, but there’s still a couple of things missing…and they’re ready to make them happen.

Bad boy biker Trick wouldn’t hesitate to fight for those he loves, but Ty knows it will take more than violence to win this war. Willfully submissive Chase has the utmost faith in his Master, but when he sees Ty struggling with demons from his past, it will be his quiet, unbending support that will see them through. Jumping through the loopholes of family court, they are only one event shy of making it all official and neither are willing to wait another second to check it off the list.

Clearing the path for adoption should reassure them, but it will take their cast of well-meaning friends and the occasional slap upside the head before they realize that the ties that bind them together are forged in a love that can never be taken away.


Jessie GLike many readers, the dream of being a writer has been with me a long time. After three decades of trying, I’d begun to doubt. Thanks to social media, I followed my favorite authors hoping to glean some words of wisdom as I pounded out half-formed ideas with alarming regularity. Two repetitive themes emerged: to be a great writer you must read a lot and your butt must be in the chair every day like it’s a job. The more you write, the easier it will be to write and the better you will be at writing. I took that advice to heart and write every day. With three series in the works and a full schedule of releases planned for the next two years, it’s been amazing to have made this dream my reality.

I am a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics, and happily ever after. I’m a lover of strong secondary characters, and series filled with families—biological or chosen. All are themes you’ll find throughout my books.


Jessie has brought a $25 Amazon gift card to give away to one lucky reader on her tour. Just follow the Rafflecopter below to enter. 

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