personal entanglementNarrator: Greg Boudreaux Audio Length: 6 hrs, 9 mins Audio rating: 5Story Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 5 stars

Narrator: Greg Boudreaux
Length: 6 hours, 9 minutes

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Now that Thorne and Riley have admitted their feelings, they’re settling into life together. Thorne wants Riley to move in, and Riley is hesitant at first. But Thorne always gets what he wants and Riley gives in. As they begin to make a home together, they are happier than they’ve ever been. But at the same time, something feels a little off to both of them.

Thorne has a lot of money, and he wants to use it to help Riley in any way that Riley wants. But the fiercely independent Riley doesn’t want anything to do with Thorne’s money. He wants to be able to stand on his own. Instead of talking things out as they should, they fall back on the one thing they know they’re good at: mind blowing sex. The chemistry between them is as strong as it has ever been, and when Riley takes on his Dash persona and dominates Thorne, they both get what they need.

opposites attract copyWhen a catering job goes better than Riley ever imagined, he’s ready to take the step and start the business with his friend that he’s been holding off on doing. He even reluctantly agrees to Thorne’s help. But when Thorne takes it a step farther than Riley expects, things blow up between them. Both men react badly, and they know they are both at fault. Taking a few days apart to think seems like the best solution. But it’s not what either of them really want. Thorne and Riley are going to have to find a way to talk to one another if they really want to have the forever they’ve both been craving.

Personal Entanglements is the second installment in the Thorne and Dash series, and this series definitely needs to be read in order, as the stories all build on one another. It’s also a perfect addition to Opposites Attract Week. First off, we have the obvious: there is a huge age difference between the characters and there’s also a wealth discrepancy. Both these things play into the story, the second especially. But on top of that, we also have two men whose personalities vary in key ways. Yes, they are both stubborn and determined. But they also have different ideas about what is considered appropriate or acceptable within the relationship, so their ideals differ in certain ways. One of the best parts of this story was the way Thorne and Riley both had to learn to compromise, and overcoming their differences—or more accurately their prejudices about their differences—made this story an enjoyable experience.

One of the things that makes me slightly wary about series where each book features the same MCs is that I don’t want to see a couple who was previously happy suffer just so there’s additional story. But in this book, the story truly is the next stage in Thorne and Riley’s relationship. They are learning how they fit together, how to make a life work, and there are the expected bumps along the way. Violet does a great job of showing the characters’ growth, while still making it abundantly clear that they still love each other completely. The chemistry between them is still insane and palpable, and the sex is explosive. What’s even better was that most every sex scene was about their connection and their relationship, while also being incredibly hot. There were a few that felt gratuitous to me, but they were few and far between.

So, I was expecting the big miscommunication, and I saw it coming a mile away. Even still, I was a little disappointed when it happened. I would have like, at that point in the story, for the guys to realize just how much the conversation needed to happen. Fortunately, it didn’t last too long, and in the end, both characters learned what they needed to. And the communication between them afterward was so very appreciated, as it made it feel like these guys were truly in a good place.

I listened to this one in audio, and I can say with no hesitation that this is the way to go. Greg Boudreaux is a truly outstanding narrator, and this story is no exception. Not only is there a consistency of characters from the first book, which is amazing, but he manages to convey exactly the right emotion in every scene. When I say he made me feel some of the more emotional scenes, I mean it. On top of that, every secondary character was exceedingly well done, which just add a whole other layer. This is a fantastic listen, and truly worth the time. I definitely recommend this book, especially in audio.

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