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Sytri is a demon prince who knows all about how to accumulate power, but that hasn’t stopped him from craving companionship. When he meets vampire prince Basil Warrick, Sy is immediately captivated and is determined to connect with Basil again. First he has to find Basil in the human realm, but that is made a little easier as Basil is close friends with Sy’s former demon lover, Sal.

Basil has lived for hundreds of years, but he too is alone. After a horrific relationship gone bad centuries before, Basil still bears the emotional scars. He knows he should be more wary of Sy, especially since Sy has a history of betrayal. But despite this, Basil finds that he can’t resist the alluring demon and begins to let Sy into his bed and his heart.

Even as the men are building something between them, however, a dangerous vampire from Basil’s past resurfaces, hoping to reclaim Basil, even if it means taking him by force. At the same time, one of Sy’s enemies takes steps to force Sy to bend to his will. Sy and Basil have found love and started to build something between them, but now they must face those that threaten to destroy them and their relationship.

Demon Prince is the third book in S.J. Frost’s Paranormal Nobles series. I have been really enjoying this series and was excited to get Basil’s story. These books are all stand alone stories featuring new MCs, but the side characters appear in each other’s books, so some familiarity with the series is definitely helpful. In this book, in particular, all three couples play a role, as well as incorporating some backstory from previous books.

The thing I have liked most of all here is the interplay among the series characters. There is a feistiness to them all, a clever banter and wit that makes their interactions so much fun. I don’t think Sy and Basil are quite as high octane together as the more fiery other couples, but I loved seeing the gang all interact and I liked our guys as a pair. There was a nice sense of here of the bond among all these men, the family they have built together, and the importance of their friendship. This is especially key with regards to Sy who has been craving a connection and finds it here both with Basil, as well as with the rest of the group.

In addition to the relationship end, both Basil and Sy face threats from men who want them and seek to control them. Basil’s story is a little more developed as this is an old foe and we learn a lot about what happened between them in the past. Frost brings these two plots together in an interesting way, and I enjoyed the final battle scenes where it all comes to resolution. We do get some time in the main bad guy’s head, which I don’t totally love when the rest of the book is told from the dual POV of our MCs. But we know who he is and what is he is up to fairly early on, and I think a little more could have been made of the tension here leading up to the ending fight.

Overall, I found this book enjoyable and I continue to find the series really entertaining. I love the group of friends and lovers that Frost has created here and I find them to be really engaging and their bantering and bickering to be lots of fun. I’m not sure if this is the end, but maybe there is hope for one last story featuring Nathan… Fingers crossed!

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