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Tate Buchanan’s life is not easy. He does his best to avoid going home, and he keeps getting fired from jobs because he keeps messing up. But he does all right for himself. Most of the time. One night, when Tate is avoiding home, he stumbles across a bad situation and jumps in to stop the assault, taking more than a few hits himself.

Jaime Escobar is one of the responding EMTs and he feels an immediate spark to the young redhead he checks over. Jaime can’t get Tate out of his head, and does his best to contact the elusive man. Fortunately, they connect again and begin dating. Tate keeps things to himself, but so does Jaime. Despite that, they are building a great relationship between them, even if the way things started was a bit unconventional.

opposites attract copyWhen Tate stops another assault weeks later, he ends up in jail. And he’s convinced that Jaime will leave him now that he can see exactly what Tate is. But Jaime surprises him once again, caring for him. When the effects of that fight turn dire, Tate is rushed to the hospital. And Jaime is right there for him. He also learns just how bad Tate’s home life is. Though it’s fast, Jaime convinces Tate to stay with him during his recovery and, in fact, to move in permanently. But Tate is still skittish, and it’s going to take all of Jaime’s abilities to convince Tate that their love for each other is enough to carry them through.

Though Just Add Argyle doesn’t release until April 21st, it was too perfect not to include in Opposites Attract Week. This book has everything that makes a perfect opposites attract romance work. Jaime is big and muscles, Tate is smaller and thinner. Jaime is Cuban American, Tate a pale redhead. Jaime is organized and punctual, Tate can’t be anywhere on time. There’s an age difference, wealth difference, and even educational difference. Jaime and Tate couldn’t be more opposite if they tried. But what’s even better is Burn has provided reasons for each and every one of their traits, their upbringing and experience playing into what makes each MC who they are. The one thing they really have in common is their huge, wonderful hearts, and that is why even though Jaime and Tate don’t work on paper, they are actually perfect for each other.

One of the things I loved here was that there are some heavier themes in this book that are given enough time and development, without completely taking over the narrative. When I say Tate has had a hard life, I’m not exaggerating. But he’s coping amazingly well, for the most part, and he’s made peace with a lot of it. He was the perfect balance of strong willed and in need of help, and I loved watching him learn to trust Jaime and everything the man was offering. And I loved seeing him grown into the man he is supposed to be with Jaime’s love and support.

Jaime too has his own issues. He served in the military and has the consequences of his time there still haunting him. His family is loud and overbearing, and he has some misconceptions about what they want. He’s never dated a man more than a few times, let alone settled down. But in Tate, he finds someone to complement him perfectly. As soon as he feels that spark, he knows he can’t ignore it. I love the way he patiently and carefully woos Tate, the way he senses what Tate needs, and lets Tate dictate things where that needs to happen. Their chemistry is electric.

Just about everything worked for me in this book. The MCs are fantastic, the miscommunications, when they happen, are rooted in reality and don’t drag out overlong before the characters talk to one another. There’s a hurt/comfort element that I loved. And what’s even more, it was about two guys growing and becoming better because of the love and support they get from one another, not from any magic fixes. This book is one I can easily recommend, and I can’t wait to see what’s next in the Fabric Hearts series.

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A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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