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Length: Short Story

Wade has come to a small cabin on the beach where he and his lover had met for two weeks at a time, once a year. He and Gene were together for 20 years, but they weren’t really together. Gene was a married man with children and Wade was his dirty little secret. Wade was in love, but Gene only gave Wade occasional attention…snippets of “love” Wade clung to. Now, Gene is dead, and Wade has nothing but memories of their short times together. He’s grieving, and he’s not even sure he wants to live anymore.

Kent has come to the beach as well. He’s staying in the cabin next to Wade and is also mourning a dead lover. They’d been together for ten and were truly in love…out and proud vs. Wade and Gene’s closeted affair.

The men meet one night thanks to a drunken mistake made by Wade and begin an interesting relationship. Can the men give each other the comfort and peace they deserve in two weeks’ time?

When I first started this story, I wasn’t sure how to feel. Wade was just so sad. I quickly began to get depressed. I read for enjoyment, and this seemed to be a lot to take. Enter Kent…sweet, understanding Kent. How could I not love him? Even though he was grieving, he wanted to help Wade. He wasn’t about to let Wade slip away. It was like he sensed Wade wanted to end his life and wanted to save him.

This is a short story. A lot happens in a short period of time. It doesn’t matter, though. This is a beautifully written tale of hurt/comfort that took me from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other in the half hour or so that it took me to get to the end. Remember when I said I was so depressed at the beginning? By the end, I was smiling, and my heart felt full. It left me with hope for the future of Wade and Kent.

At times, New Lease isn’t pretty. Wade’s story is difficult to read. I was torn between anger and pity. I wanted to shake him as well as hug him. However, every ugly moment is one step closer to healing. I was actually surprised at how I connected with Wade and Kent. These were men I would like to meet for dinner and spend time with. Together, they were loving, sexy, and (at least I thought) content.

I was completely satisfied with the end. It’s not an HEA. It’s not a cliffhanger. I would call it a HFN with the potential for the kind of love everyone dreams of. I definitely recommend New Lease. It’s beautiful and hopeful. Definitely worth your time.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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