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Wyatt has a summer internship with an engineering firm in Pittsburgh, so Ethan has followed with a summer job of his own. He has no idea what he wants to do, but Ethan definitely doesn’t want to be separated from Wyatt. Of course, with the guys both working two jobs, they aren’t getting to see much of one another anyway. Add in the hot, messy apartment and two annoying roommates and the summer isn’t quite going to plan.

It takes a while for things to settle for Ethan and Wyatt, but eventually they begin to hit their stride. Wyatt is trying to learn to trust in their relationship and that he deserves happiness with Ethan. And Ethan is learning to go with the flow a little more and not try to master plan everything. As the summer progresses, the guys find themselves connecting again like they had been at school.

However, when Wyatt’s uncle needs his help, Wyatt is determined to be there for the only person who treats him like real family. But his obligations to his uncle could affect Wyatt’s future with Ethan.

Relationship Status is the third book in the Ethan & Wyatt trilogy and it brings the story to a really satisfying close. I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous at the beginning. Things were kind of rocky between the guys in the second book, Boyfriend Material, and that carries over here as we start things off with the Ethan and Wyatt having a rough time of it. It was hard to see that things were once again unsettled with the guys, even though this story takes place months later. We also  sort of jump in here with Ethan and Wyatt already living in Pittsburgh, so we get no real information on what has been happening since around Christmas.

That said, things turn around for the guys here in a really rewarding way. We see them not only get happier with their living situation, but also their relationship gets more solid and the connection between them even stronger. On one hand, the guys’ insecurities are not totally gone; Wyatt still is sure he doesn’t deserve happiness and it will therefore be fleeting, and Ethan worries Wyatt will just retreat if things get rough. But at the same time, we can see some nice growth in both of them, as well as a real bond between them. This comes out even further as the guys weather a crisis together and we can see how they are really connected and relying on one another.

Even with their relationship issues, sex has never been a problem for these guys and they continue to be steamy (and enjoy a newfound appreciation for semi-public sex). I loved the way things all come together and the story is a really rewarding end to the trilogy. If you have been following along with the series, you will definitely want to read this final book. And if you enjoy some nice new adult romance with some interesting heroes, I can certainly recommend this series.

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