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Ben is a senior in college and graduation is finally three weeks away. He put himself through school and a full-time job cannot come soon enough. There seems to be one problem though with a grade in his in literature class that could mean the difference between Ben graduating or not.

Ben confronts his professor, Peter Coyle, and while he finds the man good looking, it’s of no concern as the man isn’t seeing reason or helping him out one bit. Stressed out to the max, Ben accompanies his roommate to a party where his eyes land on one Professor Coyle, his Professor Coyle, who is completely unbridled and hot. Ben still needs to graduate, but his new mission is to seduce the professor.

With a title like Seducing the Professor, you might have a certain impression going in of what this book may be about. While it does offer plenty of heat and erotic moments, for a shorter novel, it also offered a reasonable amount of character development and plot.

opposites attract copyBen is twenty-three and has struggled to put himself through school. He has no family and he’s a touch older and more mature than a lot of the college seniors. He is structured and focused and completely turned around that his grade is in jeopardy. When he confronts Professor Coyle, he notices that up close the man is better looking than he thought, but all he’s concerned about is graduating. Peter, on the other hand, has been burned badly before. He does his job, he keeps his head down, and unless the students can produce the work, the grade stands. There is a definite moment that passes between the men while in his office, but Ben is a student and Peter is absolutely, definitely not taking it there. Until he does.

There is a slower burn before the men get together. However, Cox offers up plently of erotic material starting with a rather adult party that Ben and Peter wind up at together. Now before they get together, they are shown with others, but don’t let it bother any delicate sensibilities, as it’s a brief, yet wildly hot voyeuristic scene that sets off Ben’s quest to seduce his professor.

With point of view from both Ben and Peter, it’s just enough to get a sense of where they are both coming from. Peter’s hesitations are realistic in that he can’t pursue a student and he also has baggage he’s trying not to continually lug around. Cox walks a line with the teacher-student issue as Ben is almost a graduate, but almost isn’t quite being one, and there is a push and pull on that issue.

The writing here was clear and visual and the attraction between the men was well done and I was completely absorbed for the majority of the book. There was a side story with Ben’s roommate, Dominick, that at first was intriguing. I say at first, because this area of the story started taking over at one point. Once Ben and Peter get together, there is not a whole lot seen of them building a relationship. They go from lust to their HEA without us getting to see much in between. My only hesitation here was that I would have preferred more time seeing them building a relationship and less time seeing Dominick trying to figure out his life. He was an interesting character, but the book didn’t feel long enough to support both storylines.

As another option for Opposites Attract Week, this book fits the theme as there is an age difference between the men with Ben being in his early 20s and Peter being in his late 30s. There is also the student and professor angle as well as that the men are in completely different places in their lives. Their backgrounds are also vastly different and, while some of the differences are more subtle, it certainly fits into the theme.

This was an engaging read that was a fairly quick and entertaining take on a familiar theme and Ben and Professor Coyle offered some depth, tension, and heat.

This book is a second edition release.

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