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Brent is a self-employed electrician and it is time for his yearly trip to the accountant. He knows his paperwork is a mess; in fact, everything is in a shoe box. When his usual accountant is unavailable, Brent goes to a new one. He is expecting old, stuffy, and boring. What he gets instead is a cute, kind of nerdy, sci-fi fan in a TARDIS blue shirt.

Logan is definitely not Brent’s usual type. He typically goes for the big jocks like himself. But something about Logan immediately appeals to Brent and he definitely is interested in getting to know him better. The guys don’t seem to have much in common. Brent is a blue collar guy who likes sports and hanging out over beer with his friends. And Logan is a sci-fi lover who is well read and a bit geeky. But the guys totally hit it off and it isn’t long before they are seeing each other regularly.

opposites attract copyThings are going well between them, despite their differences. But both Logan and Brent are also a bit insecure about what the other one might see in him. And when some outside meddling makes one of them question the other’s motivation, it could be the end of things between them. Now Brent and Logan must be honest about their feelings, and trust that the relationship they have built is something solid enough to take them into a future together.

As soon as I read the blurb for Taxes and TARDIS, I knew it would be perfect for Opposites Attract Week. Not only are these guys opposites in many ways, the focus of the story itself is on the way these opposite sides impact their relationship. There are a lot of different elements here. There is the geek and the jock (though Brent comes across more as “well built” than jock), there is a blue collar/white collar element, and then we have American vs British as well. So lots of fun things to play with here and Walker does a nice job showcasing these elements in the story.

These guys fall for one another pretty fast and easily. They are fun and sexy together and you can’t help but love both of them. They are different, and neither is the other’s usual type. But they are so open to one another, so interested in each other that they easily move past these differences and find all the ways they work together. Despite the fact that they appear to not have much in common, these guys are just such a good fit, and I love how open they are with one another and willing to move past the surface.

Most of this story is pretty light and easy. We learn a bit of backstory on both men where they have had a rough go of it, but overall this is not a heavy or angsty book. Just sweet and sexy and very warm. We get a conflict at the end where insecurities come to the forefront. I can’t decide if I like it or not that a third party steps in to help the guys get their act together, but I also did love the way that scene goes, so I am going to go with it. It is just a really sweet, fun, easy story. I know I keep saying that, but it is the best way I can describe this one. I really think this is a book that will appeal to most folks out there, and in particular, if you like opposites attract (and geeky heroes in particular), you should definitely give Taxes & TARDIS a try.

Note: This book was previously released by another publisher under the same title. According to the author, this version has been expanded, revised, and re-edited. 

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