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Length: Novel

Nick has been a member of Rusty’s pack for a few months now. He’s still struggling with his scars and PTSD. He still has a phobia about riding in cars, and he’s still partial to staying in wolf form because he feels more at ease that way.

Brody is a wolf without a pack. His parents died when he was little, and he was raised by a human. He rarely shifts, but when he shows up for an interview at pack omega Sam’s workplace, he and Sam recognize each other for what they are. Sam, wanting to be the pack’s caretaker, quickly invites Brody to their home and their pack.

There’s an instant attraction between Nick and Brody. Both men are a little gun shy, but it doesn’t take very long until they move from chemistry, to sex, to love. Along with that, Nick and Brody start taking a look at some of the stranger appeals for help from Mike and Rusty’s security agency, and they discover something that could be trouble for the pack.

Can Nick and Brody figure out what’s going on before unnecessary attention and trouble find their way to the Jamison Pack, and can their relationship grow and thrive in a house full of men who are closer than most?

I liked The Beta’s Test as much as I liked the previous two books in the Protection of the Pack series. It was a fun read with likable characters and an unusual issue that needs to be worked out before it becomes a big problem. I laughed a lot, and my eyeballs popped out of my skull as I read the sex scenes. They were smokin’!

This story is about Nick and Brody. The blurb makes it seem a bit more…pack-ish…than it was. All five men weren’t featured together very much at all. I wasn’t too disappointed in that, though. Nick and Brody have a great chemistry and work well together. I loved how Brody’s natural excitement complimented Nick’s ongoing feeling of isolation. I mentioned their instant connection. The Beta’s Test is not a very long book, so everything needed to happen quickly so there’d be time to tell the whole story. I’ve never minded an instalove plot as long as it’s well written, and Nick and Brody are definitely that.

There have been humorous moments throughout the series, but Dessa Lux turns it up here. I don’t want to give anything away, but there is a point in time when Nick and Brody go out to investigate one of the pleas for help from the security firm. It was hysterical. Sometimes, when I’m reading a book, there are situations you know are supposed to be amusing, but they just don’t hit the mark. These guys hit the mark and then some.

Like the first two books in the series, there is a LOT of sex in The Beta’s Test. It’s primarily focused on Nick and Brody, but there was at least on scene between all five men. I loved it. That is right up my alley. I’m just putting it out there for folks who may not be as into it as I am.

This was an enjoyable installment in an enjoyable series. You must read the first two, The Omega’s Bodyguard and The Omega’s Pack in order to know what’s going on. If you try to jump in with this one, you’ll be lost. No worries, though. If you’re into shifters, the a/b/o universe, hot group sex, and men who genuinely love and care for one another, this is for you.

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