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Rusty, an Alpha, has the beginnings of a pack. His loving boyfriend, Sam, is his omega. Rusty also has Mike, an old friend, who was bitten against his will. Mike is another Alpha, who is trying to adapt to his new life.

Rusty feels like his pack is incomplete. His best friend from the Marines, Nick, was traumatically injured in an IED attack. He’s scarred and has shut himself off from the world in a little apartment in Indiana, ignoring Rusty’s calls and texts begging him to come to California to meet Sam and Mike. Rusty hasn’t told Nick he’s a werewolf, even though they are so close. This could present a problem.

Finally, Nick agrees to come to California, and he, Rusty, Mike, and Sam truly do become a pack. Will the four of them be able to work together if or when threatening situations arise?

I love shifters! I really love it when the shifters live in alpha/beta/omega packs. There is just something about a rough and tumble (but tender) Alpha falling for a smaller, meek (but scrappy) omega. In The Omega’s Pack, the second book in the Protection of the Pack series, we get that in spades. Throw in another Alpha and a damaged new beta, and I’m in shifter heaven.

The four main characters are great. Rusty is a born wolf and a terrific leader. His care and genuine love for his pack mates is very sweet. Sam makes me smile…I mean nonstop smiling, here. He realizes his role of keeping the pack together is an important one, and he does this perfectly. Mike has to adjust to his new reality. He didn’t ask to be bitten. The big, bad wolf in book one did it to get back at Rusty and Sam. After the BBW was vanquished, Rusty re-bit him, saving his life, and making him part of Rusty’s pack. He’s doing well, and he loves being a member of a pack. Nick…poor, poor Nick. He broke my heart. He gave up the will to live after his injury and discharged from the Marines. He and Rusty were so close, and as much as he loves him, Nick thinks Rusty won’t want to have anything to do with him when he sees the scars. When Rusty bites him and brings him to California, he realizes having a pack is exactly what he needs.

Most of The Omega’s Pack is explaining how a pack works…hierarchy, territory, family, shifting, and moon phases. It’s not difficult to put together, but I did like the detailed information. The relationships between the four men are nicely written. Also, even though the book isn’t very long, their personalities really come through.

I have to tell you this. There is a tremendous amount of sex in this story…twosomes, threesomes, foursomes…they’re all there. Sam is the common link in the scenes. Not only is he keeping the pack together and offering comfort to the other packmates, he has a heat at the full moon, and if you’re a shifter fan, you know an omega’s heat involves constant sex for at least a night. Some of the sex is nice and gentle, but more often than not, it’s filthy, dirty, and raunchy. There is a lot of exchanging of bodily fluids. I, personally, didn’t mind this at all. I just wanted to throw it out there for people to be prepared.

There is nearly zero conflict here. This book is about the men and their personal growth. There is a bit of a situation toward the end, but it’s quickly dispatched, and all is well on the Jamison pack’s front. Also, the last 15-20% of the book is spent setting up what will be book three of the series. For me, that was just fine because I enjoyed book one and two, and I was excited to have this ongoing story continue.

If you are a shifter a/b/o fan, and like your sex scenes HOT, this is for you. However, you really do need to read the first book in the series, The Omega’s Bodyguard to understand what’s going on. I do not recommend you read this one as a stand alone.

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