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Length: Novella

Ty and Chase have built a life for themselves together, along with their two kids, Ava and Luc. The only thing left is to marry and legally adopt the twins. It is an anxious time for both men because although Ty is officially the twins’ guardian, adopting them still requires a judge’s approval. Their lives have changed a lot over the past two years, especially for former bad boy Ty. But with the support of their friends and the love they share, Ty and Chase are determined to move forward with their new family.

Tys that Bind is the third book in Jessie G’s Devil’s Pride MC series and reconnects us with Ty and Chase, the main characters from the first book. Their story has been a pretty dramatic one, as these guys faced a lot of danger together and Chase, in particular, had to take a big leap in his trust for Ty, who has always had a bad boy side. But they managed to come through the crisis strong and solid as a couple. When they adopted Ty’s sister’s kids, it helped settle the men into even more of a family, particularly with their large and close circle of friends around them. So it was nice to reconnect with the guys here when they aren’t in turmoil, but are focused on building the rest of their lives together. That involves marrying and formally adopting the kids. They are facing both stress and excitement as they build up to the big day when the judge will decide on the adoption.

Even as they are looking toward the future, this book also takes time to show us how the guys are reflecting on the past and how far things have come. I enjoyed that as well, as it gives us a nice contrast the craziness of their lives in the first book.

Although the focus here is on Ty and Chase, a good portion of the middle of the book deals with their friends, Clay, Tory, and Evan. There is a scene where Tory and Evan share in Chase’s excitement over their marriage, and also where Tory shares his feelings about some of the strain on his relationship with Chase. Then there is another scene with Ty and Clay where they address some of Clay’s work issues and stress he is under. To me, this felt kind of like it took away from the main focus of the book, especially since this story is fairly short and not very plot heavy. To have so much time dedicated to these other three guys seemed to take time that I would have liked to see focused on Ty and Chase and their story. As it was, I felt like not much happens here, particularly in light of the more suspense heavy other books in the series. I am not sure if there is book planned for the threesome (as far as I can tell we haven’t gotten their story yet), so maybe that is why the author chose to focus on them so much here. But I would have rather spent less time with their issues and more on our main characters.

That said, I enjoyed this story and liked revisiting Ty and Chase, particularly during these happy times. I liked to see the resolution to their story and their family finally be solidly complete. If you are a fan of the series, definitely check out this latest installment for Chase and Ty’s HEA.

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