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Avery is a university student who has changed his major twice before he settled on his third. He’s also a little flaky and indecisive. The one thing he knows, though, is he likes older men…their maturity and ability to be in control. For six weeks, he’s been watching his new neighbor. He’s handsome and older, and Avery has decided he wants him. He’s just not sure how to go about it.

Christopher is that neighbor. He’s a guest lecturer and scientist at the same university Avery attends. He’s regimented and in control at all times. He even wears dress slacks, collared shirts, and sweaters on his day off.

One day, Avery finally gets up the nerve to approach Christopher. It’s awkward, but when Christopher mentions it is his birthday, and he has no plans, Avery decides to bake him a cake and bring it over. That night, the men begin their journey to each other. However, it’s bumpy and it will take work. Will it be worth it?

Yes, Professor pushed all my buttons…May/December, professor/student, mature/unrefined…and I knew it would be perfect for Opposites Attract Week.

opposites attract copyI loved Avery and Christopher and fell head over heels for both of them right away. Avery didn’t know much, but he did know he loves older men. I confess to understanding that. I mooned for three years over my high school math teacher, and then there was my sociology professor in college…but I digress. I know what he means when he says older men make him feel safe and protected. Christopher, handsome and collected, is the perfect foil for Avery. I loved how he did have a need to be in control, and how Avery came along and turned his life upside down. Best of all was reading about their insecurities and confusion. Even though the book is not long, it’s not an insta-love situation. Their fall was slow. In fact, at the beginning of one chapter, Avery talks about important numbers in their relationship.

Thirty. The number of days it took me to fall completely in love with him.

Sixty-three and a-half. The number of days Christopher told me he loved me.

Not that I was counting.

There were more, but those are my favorites.

There were some outstanding background characters in Yes, Professor. My favorites were Nick, Avery’s best friend and roommate, and Michael, Christopher’s best friend of forty years. Both of these men were the voices of reason for Avery and Christopher. They were so wise with the advice they offered, but they weren’t overpowering. They let the men make their own decisions, and they were loving and supportive of their friends. Along with Nick and Michael, there was Angie, Christopher’s daughter; Eric, his son; and a party full of other friends, including Christopher’s ex wife. They all fit their roles nicely, particularly Angie who became a dear friend to Avery.

This was sweet story, but it was also very sexy. At the beginning, Avery was especially into sex, and soon Christopher was willing to give it to him. I want to mention there are some scenes with some light kink and brief restraint, but I do not consider this to be a BDSM story.

There were a few misunderstandings and miscommunications, providing some conflict, but they were resolved pretty quickly when they finally realize they needed to actually talk to each other. I would not consider any of this angsty, though. I didn’t feel the need to skim past anything because I was depressed or anxious.

I was completely satisfied with the end, and my only complaint about this book…at all…was I wish it could have been longer. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to know just what the future had in store for Avery and Christopher. I have the feeling it would have been exciting and sweet.

I have no problem recommending this book.

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