Today I am so pleased to welcome DJ Jamison to Joyfully Jay. DJ has come to share an exclusive excerpt from her latest release, Urgent Care (Hearts & Health #3). Please join me in giving her a big welcome!



I want to thank Joyfully Jay for hosting me for the release of my newest book, Urgent Care. I’ve brought an exclusive excerpt to share that focuses on Xavier James’ tendency to bring out his feminine side. Xavier is my first character to explore this side of himself through cross-dressing, though he doesn’t really think of it in those terms so much as just expressing both sides of himself: masculine and feminine.

There’s a lot of story in Urgent Care that has nothing to do with Xavier’s self-expression. He’s a nursing student, confronted with the man who broke his heart and coming to terms with trusting him again, all while coping with a heavy burden of stress created by too many classes, work and family obligations. His ex-boyfriend, Dr. Trent Cavendish, is working to turn over a new leaf and find meaning outside of his career in his life, in addition to proving himself worthy of a second chance.

Xavier’s femme side comes out to play only occasionally — and Trent loves it when it does — but these two connect on many levels beyond the sexual. Ultimately, it’s a story about trust and forgiveness, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Urgent Care directly follows Bedside Manner. While it works as a standalone, Xavier James was first introduced in the previous book.


Xavier fell back on his habit of self-comfort. If he couldn’t have Trent, he at least wanted the consolation of silk sliding over his skin.

He rustled through his drawers, searching for just the right thing. He eyed a pair of lacy red underwear, but bypassed them. Even designed for men instead of women, with significantly more space in the crotch, those were more for looks than comfort.

He grabbed a pair of lavender shorts made of smooth silk and a lacy ivory chemise that hugged his torso; he might not have breasts but he had enough muscle on his frame to fill out the small top.

Figuring he might as well go all out, he grabbed his makeup bag and slid out eyeliner and a purple lipstick that he was usually too shy to wear in public but would go with his shorts.

The silk slid sensuously over his cock and balls with every move, raising goosebumps on his skin. There was something so freeing about letting this part of himself out.

His entire posture seemed to change when he was dressed his way. He moved with care, gliding instead of clomping. It made him think of all those silver screen goddesses back when Hollywood was more glamorous than trashy.

He applied his makeup and checked the full-length mirror on his closet door. He admired the effect, but his hair needed work. Pulling out the headband he used to pull it back while working, he let his dreads tumble down. His hair had been growing steadily if slowly since summer, and he admired the effect as it framed his face and softened his features.

He wasn’t trying to look like a woman. He had obvious stubble, but that’s half of what he liked. The contrast between his masculine and feminine sides; his expression of both halves of himself.

Satisfied, he stepped back and collapsed onto his bed. Now that the initial rush of dressing in the lingerie had faded, he felt hollow. He should be used to the feeling of Trent being lost to him, but he’d stupidly opened his heart and now he didn’t know how to close it.

A rap at the door startled him. “You have a visitor,” Zane called.

Xavier started to sit forward. Opened his mouth to call out a response. But all of that was thwarted when Zane shoved open the door without waiting.

His roommate stood in the doorway with Trent, staring.

“Whoa, X. I knew you liked to glam it up when clubbing, but this is a whole other level.”

Trent’s lips thinned in displeasure. “Don’t be an asshole. He looks gorgeous.”


newurgentTwelve years too late …

Xavier James is shocked to see the first man who ever broke his heart — and there have been too damn many — at a nightclub. His ex-boyfriend has only gotten sexier over the past decade, but Xavier isn’t about to go down that road again. When they cross paths at the hospital’s urgent-care clinic, where Xavier is doing a student nursing rotation, it’s more difficult to dismiss the man. Thrown together by work and forced into close quarters, a visit to memory lane is incredibly tempting.

It’s never too late to start over …

Dr. Trent Cavendish made a huge mistake when he walked away from the love of his life at age 18. When his best friend suddenly dies 12 years later, it rattles Trent into seeing just how empty his own life has become. Determined to go back to the moment he put himself on the path to ambition over happiness, he walks away from the OR and takes a temporary position in an urgent-health clinic in his hometown of Ashe, Kansas. It’s time to make amends to the man he left behind.

Oh, how things have changed …

Instead of the sweet but tame guy he left behind, Trent runs into a smoking-hot Xavier James dressed in bits of lace and silk at a gay nightclub. He never knew he had a fetish for a strong man in delicate clothing until now. His plan to earn Xavier’s forgiveness soon shifts into an attempt to win his love, a challenge with much higher stakes.

But Xavier is wary of this new Trent Cavendish. The villain of his memories is considerate and kind, but was Xavier really so wrong about his ex-boyfriend’s need to put his ambiton above everything else — or is Xavier just a new goal to chase?


DJ Jamison worked in newsrooms for more than 10 years, which helped tremendously when she began her series centered on The Ashe Sentinel, a fictional small-town newspaper in Kansas. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two sons and three glow-in-the-dark fish.


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