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When River’s pack turns on him, he gathers up his mate, Josiah, his second and third Alphas, their mates, and some other wolves, and heads out to find some land of their own to make a new pack. Things aren’t easy, though. There is an attack by feral wolves and then having to face the fact they’ll have to move to Cascade City. Interpersonal relationships between River, Josiah, and the other men become tense (and sometimes downright hostile). They also have to deal with the wolf/human council, get jobs, and learn how to live in the city. On top of all this, when things finally seem to be settling down, they learn of a plot by some humans to destroy wolf shifter compounds, and the shifters themselves.

I know I’m being a little vague on my description of A New Beginning, but if I was to describe everything, this review would be a novel unto itself. I also don’t want to lay a lot on you and confuse you before you even read the story. I’m going to give you a rundown on what you need to know, and then I’m going to recommend this book because it’s quite good.

The base of the story begins with River, the former Alpha of the River Wolf pack. He and his mate, Josiah (a half human) were ousted due to fear and unrest. They and the others head off to find a place to form a new pack of their own. Strife and tragedy nearly break them, and they realize they’ve got no choice but to move to the city.

Since this is the first in what will be a new series, Rebecca James uses this book to let you get to know the men/couples who will make up the Cascade City Pack and what they have to face in order to make their new lives work in their new surroundings.

The couples (and one threesome) that make up A New Beginning are:

  • River and Josiah, the Alpha and his First Omega mate
  • David, Jax, and Brooks: David is the Second Alpha, Jax is his human lover, and Brooks is a beta who became their third
  • Leo and Sam: Leo is River’s third Alpha, and Sam is his young mate who was taken in by the pack along with a coyote shifter while wandering alone near pack lands
  • Foster and Crow: Foster is that coyote shifter, and Crow is his fated mate.

Let me give you a quick rundown without giving too much away. I loved all of these characters, with the exception of Jax, and even he is a well written character with his own reasons for being the way he is. Each couple has a unique relationship and have their own roles to play in this new pack. The Alphas are take charge men who do what they can to take care of their mates and their expanding families. The omegas are nurturing and are often the voices of reason when things start to get out of hand. They’re all loving and sexy, and they all complete each other.

There is a nice subplot about a group of lone omegas living underground and Josiah’s desire to save them. Also, there is a group of rogue Alphas who want to be part of a pack and find mates of their own. Even though there are so many MCs, none of them get lost or feel like they’ve been glossed over.

A second, darker, subplot is also included. I definitely can’t go into a lot of detail about this one. The reader is let in on it, and we know what’s happening, but what we don’t know is how far reaching it is and how many people are actually involved. It’s exciting and interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

This may all seem like a bit much, and it is a lot to take in, but it’s so worth it. The story is very satisfying. Since it’s the beginning of a new series, it does a good job of setting everything up. There is some exposition, and I suppose you can read this without reading the River Wolf Pack series, but I honestly don’t recommend you do that. I would tell you to definitely read First Omega, Second Alpha, and Third Mate before you take this one on. Doing that will let you have intimate (literally, in some cases) knowledge of the dynamics of the pack and how the men wound up where they are at this point in time.

I’m so tickled Rebecca James decided to write this series. When Third Mate finished up, I was left wanting…MORE. Well, I got it, and I am excited to go on a new ride with River, Josiah, and the guys.

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