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An object has crashed into the lake near the marina that Christian owns. He has an idea what it is, so does the rest of the team, but just who it belongs to is unknown. Three months ago the team was told to stay off the mountain and Christian is restless. Except, this wasn’t the kind of excitement that he wanted. The team needs to make the residents of the village feel safe and stop any rumors. That’s where their boss, Ogden, comes in and he brings his own agents determined to shut out the local enforcement.

This does not go over well with the local sheriff, Myles Murphy. Myles is already suspicious of Christian as the guy seems to land in trouble wherever he goes. Myles can personally attest to this as he has had to arrest Christian in the past. Myles is determined to find out exactly what is going on and he is also determined to uncover exactly why there is no history on Christian, only that he graduated high school, and even that does not add up. Christian is given the task of throwing Myles off track, which is easier said than done. It also doesn’t help that Christian has had a crush on Myles for a while and Myles, well, he doesn’t exactly like Christian at all. Yet, all it takes is a few close meetings for the attraction to flare hot and bright for Myles. But, Christian remains elusive and Myles may not be able to play second best to all of Christian’s closely guarded secrets.

The Village series is a bit addictive in the best of ways. There are the characters and the way they work together and have created a rough outline of a family, and then there is the larger plot that leans toward sci-fi and deals with just what is going on in Singing Bear Village.

Christian was introduced in the first book, Safe in Your Fire, and he was an intriguing character from the start. He’s JT’s ex and while the men still maintain a close friendship, they both know their romantic days together are over. Yet, Christian yearns for that closeness of having someone to share his life with. He’s a bit of mystery, as he has a redacted government file, and his wild child ways are slowly revealed. He has had his eye on the local sheriff for two years now, but it’s hard to date when he has to keep so many secrets and Myles mostly looks at him with disdain.

Myles has never let himself even think about how attractive Christian is because he knows the guy is just trouble. Myles plays the part of the grumpy sheriff well and doesn’t have time or patience for Christian’s antics. The guys aren’t exactly enemies, but let’s just say they have a lot of issues. There is plenty of entertaining dialogue to go around as Christian pushes all of Myles’ buttons to Myles’ complete exasperation. Myles is hesitant to get involved with Christian for several reasons, but mainly because he knows something is going on with Christian and his group of friends.

And there is something going on. Something secretive that has the government involved and Christian and the team thrive on the adrenaline, but then aren’t quite prepared for the danger. One of the true highlights is the character of Baz and he appears here in several extended scenes and steals each and every one.

The book is split between the men building a tentative relationship and then the larger plot that continues on from the first book. Deep in Your Shadows is not meant to be read as a stand alone as the larger plot continues on throughout the series.

With heat between the men, a great group of characters, and a little sci-fi to balance it all out, this series so far is a definite win.

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