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Length: Novel

Devour is book four in the Unbreakable Bonds series. It is part of a continuing series and is not intended to be read as a standalone.

Ian Pierce is finally on the right track. He’s a successful chef and part owner of a trendy restaurant and he’s trying to leave his troubled and abusive past behind. He has made a chosen family of friends and those men offer him all the support he needs. There is also Hollis Banner. Hollis and Ian have been circling each other for quite some and it’s just a matter of time before they are wrapped around each other. But before that can happen, Ian is once again in danger.

Ian made quite an impression on Hollis from first sight and Hollis knows that he’s not nearly in the same league as the man that looks like he stepped out of a GQ ad. But Hollis was so captivated by Ian that he went undercover to take down the man that Ian fears the most. But when Boris Jagger escapes again, the only place Jagger is going is straight for Ian and everyone he loves.

When all the guys decide to split up, Lucas and Andrei stay in town while Ian, Hollis, Rowe, and Noah take off to try and stay off the radar. They all know it’s just a matter of time to see who will find the other first and Jagger seems to be one step ahead of them. Yet, the answers may be locked inside Ian himself and the clock is ticking for him remember so they can silence Jagger once and for all.

This series is one that I have continually looked forward to each time there is a new release. Devour starts right with the action on both Ian and Hollis’ parts. While the action is a major component of the book, it is not overshadowed by the relationships and connections that have made this series for me.

Ian and Hollis have been circling each other for a while now and the slow burn continues. There are lots of reasons why they think they should stay away from each other, with Hollis feeling that he’s not polished enough for Ian and Ian’s past weighing heavily on him, as well as being a source of humiliation for him. But none of that seems to matter when the two of them are near each other as the chemistry crackles and explodes around them. I mean seriously, if you want heat, these guys are on fire together.

The rest of the group is front and center as well as Lucas returns to a chilly reception from Andrei, but that doesn’t last too long before they are all growly and claiming each other once again. Rowe and Noah are more visible in keeping Ian safe where Snow and Jude are a little more in the background on this one, yet Snow can still manage to steal a scene each time his name is mentioned.

The storyline answers a lot of questions about what happened to Ian and pulls his story all together. The only area I had thoughts on were the action sequences themselves and the way Jagger, who is the bad guy here, interacted with the men. Jagger was a two dimensional character, which for the most part I could go with. What kept stopping me was how Jagger outsmarted all of these guys time and again. We are told often about their Army training (most of them were in the Army) and how amazingly skilled they all are, yet Jagger remained elusive and often at least one step ahead for most of the series. It was merely worth a mention for me. I also would have preferred to see a little more closure to the wrap up of Jagger’s entire operation.

The book did deliver on wrapping up the main arc of the storyline, but it’s bittersweet that this is the last full length novel for the series. The authors created something special here with friends who became family and this book had the feeling that the authors upped their game. There will still be the shorter compilation books for both Rowe as well as Ian and then there will also be a spin-off series so these guys are not completely finished yet. If you’ve followed the series, this is the book you need. If you haven’t started yet and are looking for alpha males, drama, action, and an amazing ensemble cast, this is the series you want.


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