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Will wants Russian billionaire Sergei Polzin dead. Polzin sold information that ended up leading to the death of Will’s entire military team and he is determined to get revenge. Will is now working with CIA to try to assassinate Polzin, but someone stands between Will and his quarry, and that is Polzin’s unknown bodyguard. Somehow this man has stopped everyone who has come after Polzin, and no one can quite figure out who he is and how he is doing it.

Kit loathes Polzin, but he is also determined to protect him… at least until he finds the hidden file Polzin has that is full of secrets Kit doesn’t want revealed. He has been searching unsuccessfully for years, and he loathes working for Polzin, but Kit will do whatever it takes to protect him until he finds the file. Once that happens, Kit will be first in line to kill the despicable man. In the meantime, he isn’t letting Will get anywhere near Polzin.

Will and Kit are both willing to do whatever it takes to protect their position, and the two fight full force against one another to gain the upper hand. That doesn’t mean that either man can deny the intense chemistry between them, or stop themselves from acting on it. But despite their feelings, neither man is willing to step down, even if it means a fight to the death. But just maybe Will and Kit can find a way to work together to meet their goals, if they can stay a step ahead of Polzin and make it out with their lives.

Enemies Like You is everything I love about an enemies to lovers story — two men at total odds with one another, but with an intense chemistry that keeps bringing them together despite themselves. I love the way the authors set with this one with Will and Kit having these two incompatible goals — one wants to kill Polzin and one needs to keep him alive. It creates the perfect intensity of conflict for these fierce, determined men with no easy solution. These men are willing to die to achieve their goals and are fiercely competitive. At the same time, there is a connection between them that is so strong, one that brings them together again and again even as they try to keep their distance. The chemistry between Will and Kit is insane, and sexy scenes between them are intense and hot. So I just loved the conflict built in here and the way it plays out over the story.

I also like that despite the fact that these guys are on opposite sides of the situation, you can root for both of them. We know Kit despises Polzin (and sometimes himself for protecting him), but we also know he has good motives. So we can root for both of these men, at the same time knowing for one to succeed means the other fails. Unless of course, they can move past their conflict and work together.

I really loved both of these characters and I think the authors excel at creating some interesting and multi-layered men. The story is told in dual POV to great effect here, as the men have very different perspectives so it is nice to see both of their viewpoints and approaches to the case. It also helps us to see both their determination to succeed, as well as their intense attraction to one another.

I will say the first half or so of the story is a bit choppy as we have a lot of jumps in time. It starts when the men first meet one another as Will is trying to kill Polzin, and then it jumps around as the guys continue to encounter each other over time. We can feel the chemistry and the draw they have to each other, which I really like. But the story feel a little choppy as they get together, separate, and then meet up again. Once the story puts the men on the same side, I think things smooth out and it gives us time to see not just the physical connection between the men, but the emotional one as well.

I will note that the authors released a free prologue called Enemies with Benefits. I was a little confused at first because I assumed it took place before this story. However, the prologue is actually the first nine chapters of Enemies Like You. So you don’t need to have both books; the entire first story is included as part of this book and they flow seamlessly into one another (in fact, I didn’t even realize where one stopped and the other started until I went back and looked). So you don’t need both books, but if you want to get a feel for this story, you may want to start with the prologue. I think once you read those chapters, you are going to be hooked on Will and Kit and want to continue on with the full book!

So I really enjoyed this one and can definitely recommend it, especially for fans of enemies to lovers stories.

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