Heart-UnseenRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Trevor is a sexy and built gay man who owns a profitable business running six auto repair shops. Trevor looks for only one night in a man, but while he’s out with his two best friends, he meets James. James is stunning, and seemingly unaffected by Trevor’s good looks and open flirting. At first, Trevor thinks James is aloof and uninterested—since he never even makes eye contact. When he learns James is blind, he reaches out again—noticing the man who brought James, a young friend, is too intoxicated to get James home safely.

James is used to depending on the trust of few, but something about Trevor’s strength and power sway him into accepting a ride home from the noisy, scary club. James hasn’t had a boyfriend in years, and his one and only man was a total D-bag. Seriously. James isn’t prepared to have a relationship, and doesn’t really believe he’s worthy of someone as sexy-sounding and feeling as Trevor.

They expect to only meet once, but Trevor runs into James dining at a country club and the scene isn’t ideal for either man. Trevor offers to take James home, again, and the thrill of being on Trevor’s motorcycle almost gives James the vapors.

I really loved this odd-couple romance because James’s disability is handled so well. Blind characters are not new for the author, and I felt in total sync with James and his blindness throughout. Trevor isn’t sure how to get a man attracted to him without using his face or body, but he’s drawn to James because James listens with his heart, and sees with his fingertips. They have a sweet romance, with Trevor slowing the pace so he can have a physical relationship with a man he truly cares about for the first time in years. James is sure it’s because he’s a dud in bed, but Trevor wins his trust on that front. They are really tender together and help boost the other when times are hard. Trevor has a problem with his business and James is instrumental in helping Trevor dig out. Their camaraderie was special and comforting. I felt warm and cozy reading this one, anticipating the happy ever after from the get-go. Andrew Grey is a fave of mine, and I enjoyed this one a lot.

 A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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