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Length: Novella

I’m a Chicagoan, born and raised in the shadow of the Sears Tower. Many of my childhood friends vacationed in Michigan, and one in particular spent a week each summer on Mackinac (pronounced: Mak-i-naw) Island. It’s a historical preserve where motorized vehicles aren’t allowed. You travel by carriage, bicycle, foot, or horse once you port—either by ferry, boat, or plane. I’ve never been there, but I remember the pictures and the wistfulness of her stories, which is why I picked this book to read.

Jordan Monroe is a Chicago businessman who has a long-time love affair with the movie Somewhere in Time. As an old-ish person, I actually have seen the 1980 time-travel lovestory between Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour that was filmed on Mackinac. As a kid I didn’t love it, but I remember it was charming. Jordan, well, he’s gone over Reeve’s “Richard”—who gives up his whole contemporary life to join “Elise” (Seymour) in her world 60 years in the past. Because Jordan is a Romantic—note the capital R. He wants a big and encompassing love, and he’s unwilling to settle for the business-arrangement type of relationship he recently broke off with a colleague, Drake.

Jordan has long desired to attend the Somewhere in Time festival held each October at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac. Drake refused to go last year and Jordan’s going alone —now that he’s single. His first day there Jordan meets Miles, the attractive stable owner who provides carriage rides and horseback tours. Miles also helps out with the festival, and he has lots of stories of his father—who assisted with transport for filming—and his own brushes with the actors. Jordan wants to learn all about Miles, and their connection is immediate—even if they delay on the physical.

There’s something special building between Miles and Jordan in those days. It’s enough to cause Jordan to extend his stay, and it’s only slightly upset by Miles’ financial difficulties. Miles bought his brother’s half share in their family stables, not knowing his brother had built up a lot of debt—and the loans are coming due. As a business financier, Jordan steps in to help, but none of his usual contacts are willing to spring for a partnership. Unwilling to let Miles suffer—even before they’re a couple, he makes a choice that will come back to hurt their fledgling relationship. But, a romance does bloom. Miles and Jordan decide what they are experiencing is more than mutual euphoria—it’s a kinship that grows as they make trips between Mackinac and Chicago. Jordan’s ex, Drake, makes some dramatic and unwelcome appearances, to drive a wedge that takes some effort to displace, but it’s all to the good in the end, with Miles and Jordan building an honest and healthy love between them.

The author notes the book is an homage to the film, and a nod to his cherished childhood memories of summer days on Mackinaw. I’ll admit that I was swayed to want to explore both further: Somewhere in Time and Mackinac Island, that is. (I’m not going to stalk Mr. Adams for his childhood memories; I have plenty of my own…) I loved the writing, and the story—Jordan’s romantic inclinations really spoke to my soul. For me, the only thing missing was a dash more sexytimes. There’s mostly fade-to-black, a tiny bit of phone sex, and one SHORT scene at the end. As swept away as I felt in the reading, I really wanted to sweep into the bedroom, too. *shrugs* Still, I did enjoy this one, and would recommend it to people who like their romances swoony and idyllic.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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