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Four years ago both Logan and Tate’s lives were changed forever. Logan always thought he would never settle down and Tate never thought about being with a man at all. After going through a hell of a lot to be together, the guys are still solid and more in love than ever.

But work is really in the way. Logan’s law practice and Tate’s bar are both busier than ever and while success is great, they don’t have a whole lot of time for each other. They have gotten into a routine of barely seeing each other and Logan will not allow their relationship to become settled and predictable. Logan is still the same confident man that Tate fell in love with, but underneath is still the insecurity that Tate will one day walk away. Tate has never been more committed to anyone or anything in his life and it’s time for both men to make changes to secure their continued future.

Logan and Tate are two of my absolute favorite characters and the entire Temptation series is one of my absolute favorites. After the third book, Trust, I thought the series was complete. There are not many things that will get me to completely stop in my tracks while scrolling online, but the mention of a fourth book did just that and then…wait…there will be two more books after this. While my first thought was how great it would be to see these guys again, my next thought was what exactly Ella Frank was going to do to them next. But, you know, this book was exactly what I needed as we get back into their world and see them living their lives.

That’s basically what this book is — Tate and Logan being together just as they always hoped. Logan and his law firm are more in demand than ever and Tate’s bar is filled every night. After a long involved court case for Logan and with Tate working nights, the men have spent little time together. Logan is all for correcting that immediately.

The voices of the characters remain true to the series and Frank still produces two exceptionally well drawn characters. Their trademark banter is intact, as well as the love these guys truly have for each other. Their physical relationship is still going full force and there is the added bonus of how filthy these guys like to be together and their chemistry is still insane.

Logan remains such an interesting character, for as confident as he is in almost every aspect of his life and his ability to command any room he walks into, when it comes to Tate, all of his insecurities show through. On the inside, he’s still terrified that one day Tate will think that having a relationship with a man is just too much and he’ll walk away, but Tate has absolutely no plans to walk away. Ever. These guys just continue to show us time and time again how perfect they are for each other and how truly committed they are.

“Where else would I be? You’re where my heart is. So that’s where I stay.”

Tease is largely a transition book as there is not a lot that happens and I was completely fine with that. It was awesome to just hang out with Logan and Tate, revisit a few storylines, see them grow as a couple while trying not to feel that they are becoming too domesticated, and get a glimpse as to what may be coming next for the men. If you follow Frank’s PresLocke series (co-written with Brooke Blaine) you will be gifted with a couple of crossover incidents that were fun to see, but it is not necessary to have read that in order to follow along. I am ridiculously excited that there will be more in this series. If you haven’t gotten to this series yet, omg, start with Try, but if you have been awaiting your next Logan and Tate fix, this book delivers.

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