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Cole Whitaker loves teaching kindergarten, even when he has a problem student. Savannah isn’t a problem, exactly, but her attitude screams for attention. But the last thing Cole expected when he asked to meet with her father is to come face to face with his ex-boyfriend. Who also just happens to be the first boy to break his heart. It’s weird and awkward and Cole is frustrated with Zander Brooks’s attitude. But he can just hope that some of the advice he’s given will help Zander and Savannah out.

Zander didn’t even know he was a father until the year before when Savannah showed up on his doorstep. Being a sudden father to a four-year old was daunting to say the least, and the past year hasn’t been easy. Now he’s come face to face with the only boy he ever truly cared about, and his life is once again turned upside down. But after heeding Cole’s advice, and running into the man again, he knows the spark that was once between them still burns bright.

Tentatively, the two men start dating. Cole has reservations; Zander heartlessly walked away from him once before, and Zander has never been good at the emotional side of things. But the more time they spend together, the harder they fall. The boys they once were couldn’t make it work, but the men they have become actually have a chance for a happily ever after.

I’m a sucker for reunion romances and I’m always going to look twice at a book that features them. Here, I was particularly intrigued as so much time has passed since they were together, and the blurb called it Zander’s “biggest mistake.” So I was interested to see exactly what drove them apart and what brought them back together again.

I think the author did a great job at showing the awkwardness between the guys at first, as well as doing a decent job of fleshing out the characters and making them seem real. Cole is a little too perfect, but in a believable way, if that makes sense. He’s just so good hearted, always going above and beyond to take care of those around him. Whether it be friends, family, or a horde of furry animals in need of his care, it shined through in his every interaction. And it also made perfect sense as to why he’d give Zander a second chance.

Because Zander is a bit of a jerk. He was as a teenager and he kind of still is now. But he’s the kind of man that is closed off and stubborn, so he only comes off as a jerk. Underneath it, there are reasons, and when he finally sees what he’s doing, he works to change. His growth is believable, if a little too easy. And I was definitely rooting for him to do the right thing.

And a quick note about the kid. Mostly, I’m not a fan of kids in my romances because they are so often unrealistic. They don’t usually act their age, seeming too young or too old for their actual age. But here, Savannah is a pretty spot on five-year old, and that was a refreshing change. Her attitude had reasons after everything she’s gone through, but even more than that, she acted like a five-year old. I really appreciated that.

But despite all the good, I had a few issues with this story. The plot was pretty predictable, and while there were a few interesting moments—I liked that we got to see these guys’ past encounters through flash backs—it basically progressed exactly as I thought it would. That, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But there was nothing that really set it apart. In addition, the romance was…well, they characters sparked, but they never ignited. So I was looking for a little more with both aspects, something to really draw me in and get me engaged. As it was, I felt a little removed from the story, unable to really connect with it.

Overall, it was a good read. Though I was hoping for a bit more chemistry and something more with the plot on the whole, I did enjoy the book. I recommend it to anyone who loves sweet reunion romances.

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