This review is for books 3-5 in the Daniel and Ryan series by Tamryn Eradani. The story is told in serial form so each installment is a short story.


who i am when i'm with youWho I Am When I’m With You

Rating: 4.75 stars
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Daniel and Ryan are taking their relationship to the next level. After five weeks sceneing together, they’ve decided to get together on weeknights as well as the weekend. The first two nights go exceedingly well, and Daniel is loving the peace he finds on his knees for Ryan. But after a bad day at work, Daniel just wants Ryan to fix it, except his lack of communication makes things go sideways. Feeling like he’s failed, Daniel is beyond upset. But once again, Ryan shows that Daniel can place his trust in him, and both are reminded that communication is the key to what they are doing.

Each story in this serial is a treat. And it all really comes down to one thing: the chemistry. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These guys are intense and amazing together, every moment they are on the page. In a scene or out of it, everything about this pair just sparks and sizzles. I love that they had a little breakdown of communication here, as I think it really helped them grow in their relationship. Daniel is still seeing this as only an arrangement…but he’s having to remind himself that it isn’t more. We also get more hints here that Ryan is in deeper too, but as we don’t get his POV, it’s all filtered through Daniel’s perceptions. I really like seeing these guys trusting one another, and I really like that it’s growing organically as they get to know each other.

positive reinforcementPositive Reinforcement

Rating: 4.75 stars
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The work week is hell for Ryan, and Daniel hardly gets to see him at all. They definitely aren’t sceneing at night. The strain takes a toll on both men. But when Friday rolls around, Daniel is full of anticipation. He only wants one thing: to do whatever Ryan wants. Even if that mean pushing his boundaries. By giving Ryan what he wants, Daniel gets what he wants too.

I love the slow build of these stories, and the way their relationship is evolving. Daniel is beginning to think what they have between them is more than just an arrangement and Ryan is acting the same way. With each conversation, each scene, they are moving toward more. This feels so right and natural for them, and it just leaps off the page. I love the way they are getting to know each other better, both as men and as lovers. Their Dom/sub relationship is growing too. With each installment of this serial, things just keep getting better between them.

performance reviewPerformance Review

Rating: 4.5 stars
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Daniel is quickly learning that Saturdays are his favorite day of the week. While he and Ryan get together on Friday nights, that is more about relaxing and unwinding from the work week. Saturdays are when they can get to heavier scenes, pushing Daniel’s limits and sending him deep into subspace. Ryan gives him exactly what he needs, and Daniel is so blissed out that he’s still feeling it on Sunday. And because of some things that Ryan has said, Daniel is feeling more confident in asking for what he wants. Both for the day, and for a weekend away in the future.

This is another great installment for the story. I would have liked to see a little more forward movement in their relationship with this installment, but the scene they engaged in really took Daniel to his limits. Their chemistry just blows me away, every single time. At the very end, we saw a little more growth in Daniel. He’s understanding more about himself, and not feeling quite so adverse to what he wants and needs. On top of that, the guys take another step in their relationship, and I’m really looking forward to what happens next.


All in all, I wait with baited breath for each installment of the serial, and I can’t wait to see where the author takes these guys in the upcoming shorts. Each one moves the story along, some more than others, and I’m loving watching these guys slowly crawl toward something more permanent. At least, that’s where I hope the story is going. If you haven’t started this series yet, then get the first one and get started. There still five more to go, but the journey is amazing.

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