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Dylan Kole was kicked out of his family group for being gay. His only two choices were to either join the human army or become a single, humans who are more than likely criminals, living on their own. Not wanting that life for himself, the army it was. One day, after a training mission with some paranormal soldiers, Dylan and his friend Christian are summoned and informed that they’ll be participating in a sort of exchange program. They’ll be going to the paranormal army, and two paranormals (a demon and a dragon shifter) will be going to the human army. Dylan is not happy, but he does what he’s told, and soon, he and Christian are on their way to Roguefalls, the island where the paranormals are based.

Rudy Malone, an omega wolf shifter, is on Roguefalls to keep everyone calm (because that’s what omegas do). He’s also works in the army’s kitchen. He’s much beloved thanks to his sweet nature and culinary skills. When Rudy is introduced to Dylan and Christian, he practically leaps into Dylan’s arms, declaring him to be his mate. As you can imagine, Dylan is very confused, but he does feel attracted to Rudy, and he’s got a very strong urge to keep him safe from the world. Soon, that urge is put to the test as Rudy is put in danger right there on the base where he’s supposed to be safer than anywhere else.

Well, you all know me by now, and that means you know I’m a shifter fan. I love it when those shifters have a true mate out there in the world. So, I was happy to grab the chance to read Human Instincts. It seemed to start with potential. Humans are now living in family groups, kind of like packs. They don’t want to be singles. Singles struggle with no family and they tend to be criminals…kind of like rogue shifters.

I liked Dylan. He wanted to make something of himself, even after being thrown out of his family. He became one of the best soldiers out there. He understood how bureaucracy worked, and that helped him out right away once he got to Roguefalls. Rudy was a sweetie. I could actually see him in my head. He had no filter and he told Dylan, in no uncertain terms, that they were mates and that was it. No ifs, ands, or buts. It was adorable. I also liked how he wanted to be independent, even though is family wanted to keep him safe at home.

Dylan and Rudy had a decent chemistry. However, I didn’t really feel them as a couple. Yes, there was an attraction, and yes, they were mates, but I just wasn’t getting the visceral reaction that knowing your mate brings out. This was in the beginning, anyway. Dylan and Rudy were finding their footing toward the end of the book, and by then, it was a little too late to play catch up.

There were a few background characters who have the potential to be developed into some good MCs in future installments of the Roguefalls series, including Christian and Rudy’s brother, WardI also mentioned the demon and the dragon shifter. They had personality, and I’m looking forward to seeing if they can pull off stories of their own. One or two other soldiers gave me the idea they’ll be able to hold their own as well.

There isn’t a whole lot of sex in Human Instincts, but what is there was relatively hot. Dylan and Rudy’s big moment was written well, and I feel like if the book could have been longer and had more build up, it would have been so much…more. 

I didn’t dislike this book. I think the series has the potential to grow and become better. I definitely won’t have a problem reading book two to see what April Kelley has in store for these guys.

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