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SSA Rain Christensen can see ghosts, but he’s been ignoring that hardcore for a couple of months. No one wants an FBI profiler that can speak with spirits, so he keeps it under wraps. Especially since the last time Rain tried to help a ghost, he nearly lost his career. His boss needs him out of the field, so even though Rain has been cleared for work again, he is told to pick a cold case and help solve it. The case brings him to Brickell Bay, just outside of Miami, and straight to his ex-boyfriend.

For four years, Rain and Danny McKenna loved and lived together. But when Rain started seeing spirits, he turned and ran. And Danny didn’t come after him. Working the cold case together is not ideal, but the men remain friends. Mostly. Rain stays with Danny while working the case and their attraction burns just as bright as it did years ago. But neither man wants to go down the road, thinking it’s better if they stay apart.

But their attraction won’t be denied and they end up in bed together. Rain still hasn’t told Danny he can see ghosts and that’s why he left. But he begins to embrace his gift and he uses his ability to speak with the dead victim to try to find where she is. Rain’s methods get him into even worse trouble, and even though he finally admits the truth to Danny, everything goes sideways. With Rain’s future uncertain, he doesn’t know what to do next. And when his life is threatened, everything could end before it begins if Danny doesn’t get there in time.

The premise of the this story had me intrigued, and with a reunion romance in the mix, I was ready to dive in. Overall, this story had everything I wanted. Paranormal aspects, great characters, and two men finding their way back to each other. While some areas could have been better developed for me, I enjoyed the book.

This story is told from Rain’s first person POV, and that’s a style I really enjoy. It works pretty well here as this is really Rain’s journey. He’s the one struggling with his newfound gift, and external forces are trying to keep him from a job he loves. I really liked the character. He’s a straight-laced, by the book, FBI profiler, who comes from a hippie family that embraces the Earth’s energy. I thought it was a fun juxtaposition, that of everyone in his family, he was the one would get this ability. Though the hows and whys weren’t explored as much as I would like, it really added something extra to the story. I think, in the end, Rain accepted a little too easily given his personality. I suppose it’s hard to deny what was right in front of him.

We don’t get to know Danny quite as well, but what we do see gives a good picture of the character. Danny is much more hard-nosed and skeptical, but ultimately his love for Rain makes him understand. The chemistry between the characters was spot on and lovely. There was a tenseness to their interactions, while their banter and affection bled through, and it was easy to see why these guys worked together. I liked the buildup of their relationship, or rather rebuilding, even if the final resolution again seemed too easy. I’d actually like to see more of them as they continue to solve cases together.

The other part of this story was the mystery of the cold case. As someone who watches a ridiculous number of crime shows, I thought this was done pretty well. While I wasn’t exactly surprised about who did it, it was also a slow buildup of clues, each one parceled out at the perfect time. I also liked that it was a good balance between good old fashioned detective work and using Rain’s gift. Neither aspect overshadowed the other.

All in all, I enjoyed the book. Some things could have been explained better or resolved too easily, but Rain is a delightful character. His snark and witty banter work well, and his chemistry with Danny was perfect. If you like law enforcement stories, with a bit of paranormal thrown in, then this is an easy recommendation.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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