Run Away With MeRating: 2 stars
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Length: Novella

Ever since Jude and his boyfriend broke up, he’s been a bit lonely. He goes to work in an office and then comes home to pizza, beer, and TV reruns. Jude usually plays it safe, but when a hot, leather wearing guy offers him a ride on a motorcycle, Jude finds himself going along for that ride.

Neo seems wild and free and takes Jude to a beautiful beachfront home. Only the home isn’t Neo’s. The men are on each other quickly, but the police aren’t far behind either. Neo makes a run for it and Jude gets taken into custody. But Jude keeps seeing a large black dog whenever Neo disappears. Jude is convinced he will never see Neo again, but Neo has other plans and Jude is going to have to decide if he can give up everything for a man he’s just met.

I had high expectations for this book. I have high expectations for every book really, but this one sounded fun and light and a quick start to a new shifter series. My expectations changed rapidly and every page brought this book further down for me.

It’s a shifter book so I’m not expecting realism. But Jude goes off with Neo with no thought at all. There is no lead up to them meeting and no chemistry. Neo asks Jude to go for a ride and he just does. Neo takes him to a beautiful beachfront home where the men become physical immediately, but these guys had zero chemistry for me. The writing and phrases alternated from being eye-rolling to cringe worthy and their dialogue was not for me as intimate body parts were “quivering.” These guys are also American and the story takes place in California and they used words that weren’t entirely American and that is incredibly frustrating for me.

The book is told from Jude’s POV only. When he first sees the black dog when Neo disappears, one of his first thoughts is that maybe Neo is a shifter. There is no reason that Jude should think this. This is not a world that includes shifters living side by side with humans and as far as Jude knows, shifters are fictitious. And speaking of the world, there is no world building. We don’t know anything about Neo, just that he suddenly is certain that Jude is his mate. There is just nothing from him to illustrate this. Then Neo throws in a random comment about elders and then Jude is meeting Neo’s father, the alpha, and a random scenario was being set up for Neo’s parents’ story to come next.

Jude falls in forever love with Neo and is ready to give up his entire life in less than a day and part of that day was spent at the police station. The mates portion was implied on Neo’s end but is never explored and there was nothing shown to demonstrate any of these supposed intense feelings we are told these guys have for each other in the short time they spent together.

I’ll say this isn’t the worst book I’ve ever read, but that isn’t exactly a glowing recommendation and I would recommend you take a pass on this one.

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