Stirring CreaturesRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Winter is upon Singing Bear Village and the team has come through an eye opening encounter, one they had waited their careers for. But Christian is not settled. Every time he has a meeting with Baz, Baz doesn’t show. Baz will meet with all of the other members of the team, but constantly avoids Christian and Christian has had enough. Christian has no idea what is going on or if he’s done something to insult Baz. The rest of the team has their theory, but Christian is most definitely reluctant to believe any of them. Baz has the answers, but it’s way more than Christian is ready to hear…or feel.

Stirring Creatures is set after the third book in Darien Cox’s The Village series, Trapped in Your Storm. It is not intended to be read as a standalone and all of the books in this series connect to one another.

This is a short novella that focuses on Christian and his relationship with Baz. Baz has always acted a little differently around Christian and the team all thinks that he is attracted to Christian. Christian thinks that is absolutely ridiculous and surprises Baz with a visit. Since Baz is not expecting Christian, his emotions aren’t as reined in as he always tries to keep them around Christian and they sort of explode all over Christian in an other worldly way.

That’s about as much as I can say. The story is first and foremost an erotic interlude mixing Baz and Christian, but then also adding in Myles and Baz’s boyfriend, Joff, for a new take on sharing. Baz is one of my favorite characters in this series and it was awesome to see more of him. I could still use even more of Baz, especially from his own viewpoint as he’s truly a special character.

The book is billed as a holiday special, but other than the mention of a tree and candy canes, there is no holiday celebration and could have just been billed as a follow up story in general. I am not sure if this series is finished; I don’t want to be finished with it yet, as there could still be stories to tell. If you have followed this series, of course you want this one too. If not, start at book one so you can catch up on an entertaining series filled with intrigue, friends, and out of this world characters.

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