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Elliott’s life has been stressful for a while now. He’s in charge of disinformation in Singing Bear Village and years of secrecy have finally taken its toll. Over the summer, Elliott looked into what it would take to leave his position permanently, but the fall season has him feeling a bit better. While the job might be stressful, the family he has made with his co-workers and best friends is something Elliott isn’t ever sure he could ever leave.

That especially remains true for his best friend, Nolan. With Nolan part of the team, he and Elliott have been the closest of friends for many years. They rely on each other, trust each other, and think they know everything about each other. Until one night when unexpected feelings rise to the surface and Nolan has no intention of putting them back. Although Elliott feels the attraction and the pull to Nolan, he is wary of getting involved with his best friend. It’s not like the men have that much time to sort it out anyway. With a conspiracy theorist threatening to expose them, a new unease in the mountains, and their ambassador, Baz, alarmingly absent, the team has more than their share of mysteries to unravel. But if Elliott can see what has always been right in front of him, he may just get everything he wants with Nolan by his side.

Trapped in Your Storm brings us to the third book in Darien Cox’s The Village series. This series is a continuing story and this book is not meant to stand alone. The larger story with the all of the happenings in Singing Bear Village continues on, as does the story of all the main characters from each book.

This book focuses on Elliot and Nolan. While the entire team is close, Elliott and Nolan are just a little closer to each other. They can’t imagine life without the other, but have never had any sort of romantic relationship or allowed themselves to think of the other in any way but true friendship. One touch changes all of that for Nolan. While Elliott feels it too, he is resistant of messing with their friendship. Nolan tries to push and then tries to be patient until Elliott finally comes to him. This is the best of a friends-to-lovers book. The first kiss between the guys is something to read, only to be followed up by their first time together. They know each other so well and the dialogue and banter between the men is well done and entertaining.

Alongside of their relationship, and possibly taking over a little more of the book, is the happenings that go on in the Village. I have remained evasive in my reviews of this series as to what the team actually does as it is definitely best to experience it first hand. The men are threatened with exposure and there is a bit of suspense and a bit of intrigue surrounding that. Then there are the Whites and what they are currently up to and the men cannot get in contact with Baz. Baz still remains a unique and special character and continues to steal every scene even when he is merely being talked about.

There are new members brought onto the team both willingly and somewhat reluctantly due to circumstances and the core team of Elliott, Nolan, JT, and Christian have to learn how to evolve. I would have liked a little more with Elliott and Nolan together working toward being a couple. It’s a slow burn between them, it takes them some time to fully get together, and then there is the larger plot happening at once. It was all captivating reading, but there was so much going on all of the time and they were never able to linger with each other and a little more on the relationship end would have appealed to me. The sci-fi aspect also picks up here and while it worked for me that it didn’t go too in depth, it may have not gone quite deep enough and it was a tough balance to navigate to pull all of the elements together.

On the whole though this third book in the series moved the story along in a captivating and intriguing manner and Nolan and Elliott made for a great romantic couple. Trapped in Your Storm is a great addition to the series and offers friends and lovers alongside an out of this world storyline.

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