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Luc, Anders, and Curtis have formed an unlikely triad of vampire, demon, and wizard. They are the only mixed group of supernatural beings anyone knows about, and for that they are both feared and disliked. After the men worked together to take down the corrupt former vampire Duke of Ottawa, with Luc taking on the role as his replacement, the group has become even more notorious. But they are a strong triad and the men are bonded emotionally in a way that gives them each enhanced strength and power.

When a demon is suspiciously murdered and more deaths follow, the three men are brought into the case to see if their combined talents can help figure out who or what is behind it. Once again they are caught in the midst of varying supernatural factions, including the wizard Families, the werewolves, and a host of other groups with questionable motives and allegiances. And of course, even those seeking their help in the investigation have reasons that aren’t all altruistic. As the men dig further into the murders, they get deeper into the various supernatural politics of the city. It takes all their combined skill to figure out who is behind the murders, and once they find the killer, they still must find a way for them all to make it out alive.

Triad Soul is the second book in the Triad Blood series and it is one that I am thoroughly enjoying. Once again I think ‘Nathan Burgoine really excels at creating a fascinating and unique supernatural world full of interesting politics. In this story we delve deeper into the lore of the wizards, demons, and vampires. Between Luc, Anders, and Curtis, we get a window into each of these groups and it is all quite well done. We are also introduced to the werewolves here and it was interesting to see this new supernatural group explored. While the first book focused a lot on the vampires, this one goes deeper into the wizarding world and the leadership of the five Families that oversee the community. There are a lot of politics involved as these groups jostle for position and control. Once again Burgoine makes this political maneuvering interesting and accessible, rather than convoluted, and I was really drawn into the world. I particularly enjoyed seeing more of Curtis’ group of fellow young wizards who represent each of the Families and kind of end around the politics of their older generations to work together and learn from one another.

The mystery element here is nicely twisty and well developed. I didn’t guess who was behind it all, and yet it still all makes sense when we get the big reveal. There are a lot of clever elements here as the guys work to uncover what is really going on, bringing us into politics, magic, and an interesting investigation. So I think the suspense intertwines nicely here with the larger supernatural world building.

I continue to really enjoy Curtis, Luc, and Anders together. While they first met as a sexual encounter, the men followed it by binding together into a unique supernatural triad. This bond has made them more than just friends and sexual partners, but connected them intensely in an emotional way that strengthens each of their individual powers and also gives them incredible support. As with the first book, this is not particularly a romance, or at least not a traditional one. While we do get glimpses that more romantic feelings are beginning to grow, at this point these guys are not in a romantic relationship, or at least one we typically find in this genre. I’ll also note that while these guys are sexually active with one another, they are not exclusive, particularly Anders who, as a sex demon, must have sex with others to survive. That said, I quite like their relationship and I am actually very impressed by the way Burgoine pulls it off. It would be easier to make their connection all about romantic love; I think it is much harder to show how these men care so deeply for one another without being in love quite yet. Their bond is so strong, so apparent in everything they do. It is more than just the natural bond that comes of their triad, but a connection that defines them all so deeply and is really enjoyable to experience. So I know not everyone is a fan of stories where the romance isn’t central, but I encourage you to give this series a try anyway as I find their relationship quite rewarding, and it seems to be moving into a more romantic direction.

So I am really quite enjoying this series and very much looking forward to more. If you are a paranormal or a suspense fan, I think there is a lot here that will appeal to you, particularly if you are looking for a unique take on the various supernatural beings. Burgoine has really created something engaging here and I definite recommend the series.

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