Today I am so pleased to welcome Leta Blake back to Joyfully Jay. Leta has come to talk to us about the new installment her Will & Patrick serial, Will & Patrick’s Endless Honeymoon. She has also brought along some great giveaways. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Thank you to Jay for hosting me here today! I’m happy to have brought along Will & Patrick from the Wake Up Married serial to do a little interview for you guys. Will is going to be interviewing Patrick today and, next week, Patrick will interview Will on The Novel Approach site. So be sure to look for that!

Let’s not waste any time! I’ll turn the mic over to Will & Patrick!


Will: Hi, I’m happy to be here today with my husband, Dr. Patrick McCloud. I’m looking forward to interviewing Patrick because it’s bound to be entertaining.

Patrick: I’m always entertaining.

Will: Exactly. Before we start with my interview questions, I’m going to ask this one question from a reader of our serial: How do you eat so much junk and yet stay so trim?

Patrick: I’ve told you. Fast twitch muscle.

Will: Right. Fast twitch muscle. That’s all I ever get out of him about that, so I guess that’s all you’re going to get too. Sorry about that. Okay, let’s see. I wrote out a lot of questions last night. Let’s start with something basic and easy. When did you know you loved me?

Patrick: The exact timing of when the oxytocin in my brain chemistry reached sufficient levels to no longer ignore the resulting feelings is hard to nail down.

Will: Seriously?

Patrick: I could make up a date.

Will: You’re killing me with the romance here.

Patrick: Oh. Okay. I can do the so-called ‘romantic answer’ instead. It usually makes you smile. I knew I loved you when I married you in Vegas. Better?

Will: …

Patrick: You aren’t smiling.

Will: The ‘so-called romantic answer’ is sweet when you don’t call it the ‘so-called romantic answer’.

Patrick: Whatever. I love you now. Why does it matter when it started?

Will: Fine. Okay. Moving on then. Next question. Why are you an asshole?

Patrick: I’m not the asshole. Everyone else is an asshole. People don’t like to hear the truth. They want lies all the time. You want to hear that I knew I loved you in Vegas when I pulled your hot ass to the altar and declared you my husband. Your mother wants to hear that she’s a good mother. My patients want to hear that they’ll live to be a hundred and twenty. Lies, lies, lies. The world’s obsessed with lies. What? Why are you smiling now?

Will: Because you’re my adorable asshole.

Patrick: No, your asshole is hot and took a good pounding last night.

Will: And this is when I don’t know if you’re making a joke or being overly literal again.

Patrick: Both.

Will: Good to know. Okay, so, moving along. I have a question for you from my mother, actually. She wants to know where you’re taking me on our much belated honeymoon.

Patrick: Like I’d tell her. She’d ruin the whole thing.

Will: And she also wants to know why you’ve decided we should go on a honeymoon now, right when it’s most inconvenient for her?

Patrick: I like how you’ve let her think this was my idea, puddin’-pop. We both know you’re the one who wanted to take this trip. I’m just the lovesick idiot who planned it. The trip and the timing was your idea.

Will: An idea that you’ve embraced. You planned the whole thing as a surprise for me. You wouldn’t have done that if you didn’t want to go too.

Patrick: Like I said, it’s a sickness. I want to make you happy. It’s horrible and awful and I can’t make it stop. It’s a good thing you’re such a great lay. It mostly makes up for all this ridiculous love stuff you make me feel.

Will: Aw, you say the sweetest things.

Patrick: Like now. You’re smiling again and it makes me…ugh. Kiss me.

Will: We’re doing an interview.

Patrick: Interview-shminterview. Kiss me. And then use that smiling mouth to suck me—

Will: Patrick! There are people here!

Patrick: They’ve read all the dirty things I did to you in the serial. You have no secrets from these people.

Will: And that’s all the questions we have today, folks. Thank you for being here for this interview. I hope you enjoyed learning… Uh, what did they learn, Patrick?

Patrick: That I’m an asshole and that I want to screw yours.

Will: And like you pointed out, they already knew that.

Patrick: Then why are we here anyway?

Will: Oh! Yes! You distracted me. We’re here to tell them about our upcoming story, Will & Patrick’s Endless Honeymoon.

Patrick: Right. There’s a story, guys. About this honeymoon Will’s making me go on. There are shenanigans and sexy times and more of that horrible oxytocin inspired love. There we told them. Now, come over here and—

Will: Chapters will be posted on Leta Blake’s Patreon for $1+ patrons starting June 9 and, eventually, the end result will be released to the wild. Now I have to go do a thing. Thanks! Have a great day! See you in the story!


And there we have them, folks. Will and Patrick in their glory. As Will mentioned, I’ll be posting an unedited weekly chapter of Will & Patrick’s Endless Honeymoon to my Patreon account as a giant thank you to all my $1+ patrons for the support they’ve given me this year. Due to their amazing generosity, I was able to fund a Training Season audiobook, start the process of the Wake Up Married serial audiobooks, and fund the release of my last book, Slow Heat. If you’re interested in participating at Patreon, you can click through here to learn more:

I’m so excited that Will & Patrick have more to say. Will & Patrick’s Endless Honeymoon will be available for purchase outside of my Patreon account sometime in the next 12 months. I’ll do a promotional tour for it when that happens. In the meantime, if you’d like to join us at Patreon, we’d love to have you.


In addition, to celebrate there being so much more Will & Patrick on the way, I’m giving away the following:

  1. Half of the first chapter of Will & Patrick’s Endless Honeymoon. The second half will appear on The Novel Approach site next week.
  2. The entire Wake Up Married serial, episodes 1 – 6 to one lucky winner,
  3. PLUS a code to buy the audiobook of Will & Patrick Wake Up Married, Episode 1, when it becomes available to a second lucky winner.

Thank you so much for reading today! I look forward to sharing Will & Patrick’s Endless Honeymoon with you!




“Holy smackeroni, how is it still so good?” Patrick gasps, chest heaving, sweat pooling in his navel, and his groin throbbing with satisfaction.

“No idea, but I’m not complaining.” Will rolls up onto his elbow to grin down at Patrick, his dark eyes alight with the afterglow. “Are you?”


“That’s what I thought.” He collapses down on his back and Patrick purrs happily, rolling into his usual position with his cheek against Will’s furry pecs.

After a few happy minutes of recovery time, they head into their delux bathroom to shower and clean up. Patrick runs his hands over Will, helping to soap him up under the streaming water. Their hands wash away the evidence of the sex they’ve just had, and Patrick lingers over Will’s firm buttocks and muscled abs, running his fingers over the ridges and grabbing a handful of ass.

“Been hitting the gym lately,” Will whispers, as he soaps up his balls and cock, and then reaches to wash off Patrick’s, too.

“Getting ready for our trip?”

“I want to look good for you.”

“You always look good to me,” Patrick says, shrugging. He thinks of the photo he keeps in his wallet from Will’s days as a chubby, diabetic teen with a drinking problem. It’s probably the love talking, but Patrick’s convinced he’d have banged the hell out of sweet, sad, teen angel Will.

“And I don’t understand how you always look so good,” Will says, running his hands down Patrick’s wiry frame and then skimming into his auburn bush and tickling against his lightly furred balls. “You eat ungodly amounts of food and yet…”

“Extra fast-twitch muscle.” Patrick shrugs. His dick twitches with renewed interest. “Born with it.”


“If you keep playing with my balls like that, I’ll end up showing you how fair I can be.”

“Yeah?” Will’s fingers slide back and forth over Patrick’s sack, teasing him. “In what way?”

“In the way where I get you off while I shoot another load up your ass.”

Will’s chest and cheeks are rosy from their prior round and the heat from the shower, but there’s an additional flush of renewed lust. He grips Patrick’s hardening cock and pumps it to full mast. “Show me.”

Patrick reaches for the small jar of coconut oil they keep in by the shampoo for this very reason. Will’s still relaxed from their romp on the bed, and, after coating his own dick with oil, it’s easy enough for Patrick to flip Will around to the wall, spread his cheeks apart, and press into his tight asshole.

Will moans and pushes back, bearing down, as Patrick slides right in. It’s a glorious sight. It always is. Seeing his dick disappear into Will, seeing Will’s back flush with effort, watching the gooseflesh break over Will’s skin, and hearing his sweet, urgent sounds. Always ready. Always eager.

Will is such a sweet, beautiful fuck.

Patrick grips Will’s wet shoulders and sets up a strong rhythm. The water rushes down Patrick’s back and ass, a warm, wet counterpoint to the tight clutch of Will’s body around his cock. He rests his forehead on Will’s upper back and fucks him hard. The slap of their bodies echoes around their bathroom, the wetness adding a bit of sting with each sharp thrust.

He’s not a kid anymore and he came once already, but it’s not long before he feels the building pleasure, the tension and rush of semen, and he reaches around to make sure he fulfills his promise of getting Will off first.

Will’s hard cock leaks slick precome as Patrick pounds his prostate, and he shudders hard against Patrick’s body when Patrick takes him roughly in hand. “Let’s see you paint the tiles,” Patrick whispers and jerks him hard and fast, making Will squirm and back up onto Patrick’s cock.

“Yeah,” Will whimpers, as Patrick works his cock. “That’s…just…oh!” He freezes and pushes his ass back, taking Patrick’s plunging cock with his wide-open, hungry hole, and then he convulses hard, his ass tightening ruthlessly on Patrick, and his cock going hotter and harder in Patrick’s relentless hand.

“Oh!” Will shouts again, his hands scrambling for purchase on the wet tiles, and his shoulders jumping tightly, until he cries out in pleasure. His cock pumps streaks of white come over the bathroom tiles, and his ass works around Patrick’s aching cock.

“Good job,” Patrick mutters, reaching down to cup Will’s balls as he thrusts deep and grips Will’s hip with the other hand. “Good…job…” he grunts out again, and throws his head back, staring up at the white ceiling as pleasure grips him and tugs through his gut, rakes his balls, and shoots out of him in hard, sweet jolts.

Groaning and coming down from the sharp high of orgasm, he feels raw and tender all over, and his cock is sensitive encased in Will’s still trembling body. He kisses Will’s shoulder blades, the visible knobs of his spine, and rubs his face against the hair at the nape of Will’s neck.

“Careful,” Will whispers as Patrick eases out of him, shaky and unsteady on his feet. “Don’t fall.”

Patrick laughs under his breath as he reaches for the slick wall to hold himself up and nearly collapses. “Puddin’-pop, that sweet butt of yours sucked out all my strength.”

“No, just your soul.” Will turns to help hold Patrick up, even though he’s shaking, too.

“I’d agree if I believed in souls.”

“No, you just believe in astrology.”

“Astrology is—“

“Shh. Let’s just get clean now.” Will yawns widely, his pearly whites gleaming in the light bouncing off the walls. He splashes water on the strings of come on the tiles and Patrick’s inexplicably sad to see it washed away.

“Distraction. That’s a Libra move.”

“Mm-hmm, I know.” Will grabs more soap and starts on his ass, biting his lower lip as he washes his hole.

“Leave some of me up in you,” Patrick says, his voice rough.


“I like knowing my boys are in your colon looking desperately for an egg to knock up.”

Will laughs and pulls Patrick back beneath the shower stream again. “Let me help you.” The water stays warm and steady as Will soaps Patrick’s cock again, leaving them both loose-limbed and utterly satiated by the time Will turns the shower off and reaches for a towel.


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