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Length: Short Story

Grant Jackson is recently unemployed television actor, fired from his hit show for:
1) Being a former gay porn star
2) Living with/being in love with a current porn star/restauranteur Cameron Cody
3) Just being gay in general

He’s trying to adjust to his new status, and Christmas is fast approaching. He’s surprised one day when he gets a call from his (homophobic/uber religious) father inviting him and Cam to come home to Selma, California for the holiday. Grant is concerned, but Cameron wants to go, so they pack up the car and head north. What’s going to happen once they’re there?

Most of you probably know I’ve been reading and reviewing the Frame of Reference series from the beginning. The stories have their ups and downs, but all in all, they’ve been, well…ok. However, this short story kind of brought it all together, and I was quite satisfied.

A lot happened to Grant once he got to Hollywood. He wanted to be in television and got his wish, but he had some bumps in the road. Then, he had it all, and he lost it all. Throughout, he has had his boyfriend Cam to lean on. They made a great couple. They refer to each other as husbands, even though the timeline is before same sex marriage became law.

I thought Grant and Cam were decent characters, and they had some depth to them. They were sexy and sweet at exactly the right times. Sometimes, they were written in a clunky, awkward way, but I fell a little bit in love with both of them and wanted them to get their HEA.

Ok, so I’m being pretty wordy for a short story, but I just wanted to give you a little bit of background before I went into how I felt about it. Turns out, I enjoyed it very much, even though there wasn’t much time to include a lot of detail. Basically, I considered this to be a Christmas card from Christopher Stone to all the readers who followed Grant and Cam from the start.

It was short, sweet, and to the point. Our boys return to Grant’s small hometown, and they aren’t sure how well received they’ll be. The reactions of Grant’s family and other residents is a mixed bag. I thought that was realistic. Not everyone will approve, but there will be love and acceptance from others. The family dynamic was well written, and once again…real. The real focus is Grant’s relationship with his father. There was a little fear and some distrust, but the love comes through.

Grant and Cam are moving along with their lives, away from the world of porn and escorting. The progression seemed plausible, and it didn’t occur at a breakneck speed. They will make you cheer for them through the adversity, and sigh happily when you get to the last page. I’ll miss them.

I guess you could pick this up without having read the other books in order. There is exposition, but I am not going to recommend you do that. You should really familiarize yourself with Grant and Cam so you’ll understand what it took for them to get to where they wound up. If you’ve already done that, I’ll tell you it’s a lovely way to spend a half hour, and I think you’ll appreciate it.

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