After the SunsetRating: 3 stars
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Length: Short Story

Caleb and Ty are both aspiring actors and the struggle is real. Their reality is small roles and barely making ends meet and it doesn’t matter what coast they are on as one lives in New York and one in California. They have never met and haven’t even heard of each other until they meet in Washington state after they inherited a farm from a stranger.

While the house is not in the best of shape and is filled with clutter, the land is beautiful and both Caleb and Ty find themselves drawn to farm life and each other. But there is still the mystery of the lonely man that left them the property. When a developer offers them a large sum for the land, the men have to decide if they will cash in or embrace the farm life.

This story had a cute premise and started out nice, but never materialized enough to engage me. Both Caleb and Ty were similar characters in that they were both struggling actors unwilling to give up on their dream. They had never met each other and had never met the mysterious benefactor that bequeathed them his home and farm in his will. The why of them inheriting the house is explained only briefly with a lack of depth later into the story and I had a difficult time going with this one.

The guys had a similar voice and as they went through adapting to farm life there wasn’t much pulling me to the story. The land was described and the animals were mentioned, but there was no spark anywhere for me. There were only brief moments of them connecting on page romantically and then the flow of the story became choppy for me. There is the big misunderstanding between the men and I never felt that their relationship had progressed enough to warrant the over the top reaction that occurred and then there was a jump forward in time.

The ending was abrupt and the storylines of both the house and the land weren’t finished. And as far as their relationship, that felt unfinished as well. I wasn’t feeling a HEA or even a HFN, as it just ended. The cover line calls this book a romcom and I felt very little rom and even less com. The condensed story was a challenge for me here and this book will wind up being forgettable.

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