BoystownRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

It’s a busy night at the Boystown hospital as several people are brought in after the attempt to rescue Cole. Emergency divers are also working tirelessly to rescue Gino and Justin who are trapped in their car after plunging into Lake Michigan. Marco and Camille, who want nothing to do with each other, find themselves bound by another family secret. The Mancini family has another health crisis, while Joyelle still searches for her abducted daughter. Jensen may have no choice but to adjust to life in prison as an innocent man as Max struggles with his violent anger issues. Father Franco Armani will stop at nothing to get what he wants as newcomer Aiden Carmichael manipulates everyone before showing exactly what he is up to. A criminal is still on the loose as the new Youth Center opens its doors. Looking away for one second could be the downfall for an entire cast of characters as Boystown Season Seven heads to yet another cliffhanger.

I have followed the Boystown series since the beginning and it’s almost hard to believe this is the seventh book in the series. The series is intended to be read in order and follows the fast paced style of a night time drama. The end of season six left many characters in dire circumstances, but one character in particular was left in such peril (this series lends itself to words like peril) that I could not wait to start this season. The previous season’s cliffhanger was the one that drew me in the most and we do not have to wait long for answers.

Biondi continues with his signature style of recapping the cliffhangers from the previous season while then moving the story forward. Things move so quickly that at only 20% into the book I couldn’t believe how much had happened already. The characters remain true, the shift in settings remain tight, and the storylines remain outrageous. This series entertains me in the way only an over-the-top drama can.

Many of the core characters are still with the series and all of their lives have a constant stream of tragedies to endure. It’s a soap, so there are miraculous recoveries and extreme storylines that only work in this environment. The action never stops, the drama never stops, and the cliffhangers are there each and every season.

I’m not even going to discuss the storyline here as they all intersect in a well written way and it would just be no fun to know in advance any part of what goes on before experiencing it for yourself. It’s a full on drama with characters swapping bed partners at every available opportunity and Biondi also continues with his trademark of drawing attention to even the most casual and random sexual encounters by forgoing protection.

What would I have liked to see? Some of the scenarios in many of the previous seasons have been familiar, which was fine as Biondi put his own spin on things. But here, some scenes were similar to other seasons with only the characters changing and there wasn’t as much fresh material to be seen. I also would greatly appreciate a character index, as it’s been six months since last season and three years since the first season and with the sheer volume of characters a brief refresher for some would be welcome indeed.

There isn’t much else in this genre like Boystown. It’s a series that hits hard each and every season and still keeps me looking forward to the next installment each and every time.

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