Dead wolf walkingRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

A year ago Jon, a twenty-ish werewolf, left Northchurch and his lover, Vince, behind. He didn’t want to, but the crows were dropping out of the sky and people were dying. Jon’s mum should have been one of them, but Jon saved her at the last moment. Fat lot of good that did. The dying crows were an omen indicating a bad werewolf needed to die. Jon left, though he didn’t want to; he couldn’t bear it if staying meant more troubles and Vince getting caught in the fray.

Vince couldn’t leave his home, not with his mum so ill, but the crows are falling again and Vince asks Jon to return to Northchurch to figure out what went wrong with their plan. Jon arrives in time to be there for Vince’s mum’s final moments, and knows she’s at peace because he and Vince are reunited. The crows, when Jon sees them, deliver their message loud and clear: Jon’s mum was meant to die a year ago, and they want her blood now.

So, this was a slightly chilling story with some interesting paranormal/supernatural bits. Jon thinks he’s alone in his plight as a werewolf, well excepting his mum, but he’s not. There is a community of weres here and it seems like they are just now learning of one another. Even though Jon and his mum have no love lost between them, it’s still hard for Jon to turn his back when he knows her life is forfeit. That was an easy plight to connect with, as was the deep longing between Jon and Vince due to their forced separation. For me, this book read either like it was a sequel, or the beginning of something new, because its beginning and end are both rather abrupt. I was a little confused about the dying crows and their impact, at first, but the descriptions soon became the most interesting part of the story and I read in dread of any new omens. It’s a short book, and the pace is rapid, so I finished it quickly. I could see reading on, especially as we don’t get a lot of the romance/love between Jon and Vince, here.

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