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Micah was always all about the music. Being behind the drums was home and being in a band with his best friend, Eric, was everything he wanted. But when Eric died, Micah was lost and the music now brings up painful memories.

Micah has always liked the band, Escaping Indigo, and in an attempt to reclaim his life, he takes a job as a roadie with the band. Micah has always admired the lead singer, Bellamy, who is confident and can command any crowd. Yet as Micah gets to know Bellamy off stage, he sees that Bellamy is not quite as confident as he appears. The two sides to his personality spark something inside of Micah and he finds himself falling for the Bellamy that few people get to see. Bellamy, however, is guarded and if he can’t share his own struggles with Micah, their new relationship may be over almost as soon as it starts.

This book is an introspective, soft, and quiet book. I would say that you would have to be in the mood for this type of story and this one caught me on the right day to enjoy it. I also feel that the enjoyment of this book hinges on if you enjoy being in Micah’s head. The story is told from his point of view and the book is completely character driven. Micah, as well as Bellamy, are both in difficult spots mentally and their struggles drive the story.

Micah is trying to move forward after the death of Eric. They were the best of friends and did everything together. They did not have a romantic relationship, but their lives were so intertwined and Micah’s love of music grew because everything was better when he shared it with Eric. Now that Eric is gone, Micah doesn’t know what to do with himself and what to do with his music.

Micah has been a long time fan of the band Escaping Indigo and has looked up to Bellamy as a performer. Bellamy projects a cool and confident vibe on stage, but after spending time with Bellamy off stage, he realizes that Bellamy is not all that confident and has to reconcile how the two sides to Bellamy’s personality fit together. The men are drawn to each other and it’s not only because they spend all of their time together on tour. But Bellamy doesn’t like to talk about his anxiety issues and the fact that he doesn’t talk about it is what drove away his last boyfriend.

The book hinges on the issues that both men are going through, but doesn’t dig down into two much depth and that’s what was missing for me here, especially with Bellamy. Both guys have legitimate issues, but the soft style of the writing lessened the impact of what was going on with them and three quarters of the way in, the slow style became too slow for me. Their relationship is mostly only seen in their own world while on tour and I would have liked to see it explored a little more.

The guys complement each other well and could be a great fit for each other. The book ends with a strong HFN and we really are only given the opportunity to see the start of their relationship as they figure out how to cope with their issues. I liked the relationship that was being built between them and would certainly read more from them if the opportunity presented itself. Escaping Indigo would be a book to check out for a character-driven story with two interesting guys learning about themselves and each other with an introspective flair.

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