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Jaden is rebounding from a recent separation—his husband of nine years had informed him, on the same day Jaden lost his job, that he wanted out; he had been having an affair and was ready to move on, ending their marriage. At the same time, the grandmother Jaden barely knew passed away and left partial ownership of her estate to him and his three half brothers—siblings he had no clue he even had. So off he goes to the small town of Serenity to meet the family and make decisions about what to do with his share of the estate.

Jaden is a basket of nerves. He has spent most of his life trying to please a mother who never really has approved of his decisions unless she orchestrated them and his broken marriage was evidence of one such “suggestion” by his mother. So when Jaden arrives in Serenity, he is very reluctant to allow himself to get involved or attached to anyone. As a result, it takes a while for his walls to come down and what starts as a casual hook up with his brother’s best friend, Chase, increasingly becomes something more—deeper than either man was expecting. Not only that, but he the more Jaden is exposed to his three brothers, the more he finds himself liking the idea of being part of a family. But Jaden is set to return to New York, not only because he must face the impending divorce proceedings, but also his mother and her expectations. An interesting thing has happened while he’s been in Serenity—Jaden has discovered who he wants to be and it is definitely not going to be what his ex or his mother expects.

Honestly, there was very little not to love about Meg Harding’s new novel, Finding Home. The three half brothers were compassionate and hungry to know their newfound sibling, the town was quaint and, while nosy and in Jaden’s as well as everyone else’s business, was a take care of its own kind of place, and the best friend/developing love interest, Chase, was perhaps the most likeable of the bunch. The story line was fresh and believable and the writing itself was fast paced and well done. I would have to say that this novel (my first by this author) has lead me into looking into Meg Harding’s other work most assuredly. But I think the real winning ticket here was how honest her characters were about themselves and their views on romance.

I really enjoyed watching Jaden grow and change and I loved the dynamic between him and Chase. These were two genuinely nice guys who both deserved to be loved and the slow discovery of finding each other and their feelings was really gorgeous to read. Theirs was a slow burn of a relationship and, with brothers cautioning both of them to not get involved since Jaden made no secret of the fact he would leave in a month, the romance took on a sweetness that was nearly heartbreaking when Jaden left. The highest praise I can give this novel is that I desperately want a sequel to see how these two get along in the future.

Finding Home was a novel of self-discovery and appreciating that elusive thing called family. It was a story that urged it’s main characters to put down roots and enjoy what life has to offer before it’s too late. Meg Harding gives us a beautiful romance that will most likely be a reread for many–I know it will be for me.

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