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Length: Novella

Witch Morric McShayne’s magic and dancing are the only reasons the forest is still flourishing and the crops are plentiful. But the townsfolk don’t see it like that. Which is probably why he wakes up to find himself bound to a post in the middle of the storm, sacrificed to the dragon. When the dragon comes, Morric is surprised to learn that it’s really a rescue. Xavier protects the dragon’s lair, but Morric isn’t up for his games or compelled by his magic.

When Morric learns that Xavier is the dragon, everything goes sideways. But once they get to talking, Morric learns more than he ever expected. One kiss between them changes everything, and sets into motion a chain of events that not only will give Morric and Xavier a happily ever after, but also, possibly, Morric a family he didn’t know existed.

This short novella is written with a lyrical and whimsical tone that suits the setting. Dragons and sacrifice, magic and fae, the whole thing has a lovely lost in time kind of feeling. I found myself falling into the story quite easily and getting swept away.

Morric is a great character, which works well since this story is told entirely from his POV. He does what he feels is right, even though the townsfolk are horrible to him. Once he meets Xavier, a whole new world opens up. I liked that he was both open to learning, and a little skeptical and wary. Especially after the first time he wakes up to find a strange man touching him. Quick note to say that that scene was vaguely uncomfortable, and made me not like Xavier too much, though he eventually made amends to Morric for his behavior.

The other thing this book does is plant seeds for more in the series. This was cleverly done, without it taking over the narrative. And I liked that when the new characters were introduced, they helped drive the plot forward, while also hinting at what is to come.

The MCs had chemistry and their conversations while playful and informative, also had an edge of sexual tension that worked nicely. However, the romance here is where I also had the biggest problem. This is a fairly short book, and while that’s something I often enjoy a great deal, here it worked against the story. Just as things were really getting going, the book was over. A single revelation, and they jumped into a forever kind of relationship. I needed a more between the MCs to believe it.

But overall, it was a nice story, with some fun elements that made it enjoyable. If you’re looking for a slightly different twist on mates and dragons, then this one might be for you.

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