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Length: Short Story

Tromsø, Norway is the ideal place for dark loving supernaturals to live. Nights that last forever, a city far away from the intrusive rush of the rest of the world, and the northern lights pulsing overhead help amplify their magics, their emotions, and their passions. Valyn is a siren looking for his other half, looking for that special someone to claim him and make him theirs. He, along with his friend Nolan, the dryad, go to one of the many clubs to dance, to drink, and to socialize.

Tonight, though, isn’t just the night the aurora ripples across the sky. Tonight is the night that Valyn meets Jakai. It takes only one song for Valyn to fall head first for the incubus, and it’s a quick drive to Jakai’s apartment — and bed — for Valyn to be claimed. In Jakai’s arms, beneath the magical night sky, Valyn finds peace and passion like he’s never known before.

But it’s not all roses and champagne. It takes some getting used to, being with an incubus who can read his every thought — and takes great delight in reading the naughty ones. Especially the ones about the shower. Oh, yes, there’s also the stalker outside the window. A woman with skin like snow and eyes like madness who sends shivers up Valyn’s spine.

A few days later, when meeting Nolan at another club in the hopes of finding Nolan’s own mate, Valyn gets a call from his friend that someone is trying to kill him. When Valyn finally finds the dryad, he soon discovers who was chasing his friend. It’s the same woman who had been outside Jakai’s house. If it weren’t for Jakai’s timely intervention, and Valyn’s own powers, he and Nolan would have died at the hands of the fae woman. Unfortunately, she’s only the tip of the iceberg. More fae are coming, angry and hungry and looking to build their nest in Tromsø.

It’s up to a siren, an incubus, a dryad, and pair of wolf shifters to stop them, one way or another.

Incubus Touch is more akin to the first chapter of a serial than a standalone story. It’s not so much that it ends on a cliffhanger as that it ends on a chapter break. The writing is crisp, the pacing is good, the story moves along at a fast clip, and there’s no dragging or pauses for info-dumps. Conversations flow easily and exposition is handled well. The variety of mythologies — from shifters to dryads — is interesting. Nolan’s ability to heal, Valyn’s humming, and even Jakai’s mind-reading hint at a thought-out system of magics and powers that I look forward to seeing further developed as the series continues.

As for the characters, there’s not really much to say. The story takes place over a few days and Valyn and Jakai fall into bed — and into their relationship — easily and happily. There’s a scene where Valyn realizes he doesn’t know much about Jakai, but the plot takes priority and they move past it quickly.

I expect in book two that we’ll get some answers in regards their relationship, as well as finding out what happens to Nolan and the man he was dancing with at the end of the story. Personally — and this is just me — I’d wait on reading this book until another one or two were out, simply to avoid the abrupt ending of this book. This is a promising start to a new series and I can’t wait to see the next part!

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