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Trent Rolston captians the Cygnus, a space yacht he and his crew use to…well be pirates. They make a decent living and Trent trusts his crew completely, even though he knows they have secrets. Especially Vince, the Fenrite who always stays in his human form. Trent is attracted to Vince, and knows Vince returns the feelings, but they’ve never acted on it. When the Cygnus is boarded by a Fenrite crew, they recognize Vince for what he is. Labeled a traitor, they take the news back to the High Alpha, who wants nothing more than to see Vince dead.

Vince has long been hiding from his past. With his lifemate murdered, Vince was branded a traitor and exiled. He feels it’s a betrayal to his dead lifemate to act on his attraction to Trent. But there are some things that can’t be ignored, and Trent and Vince finally seal the bond between them. But Vince is being hunted, and nothing will stop the Hunters until Vince is dead. In order to protect the crew and Trent, his new lifemate, Vince makes a rash decision. But Trent won’t let him suffer on his own, and that gives Vince the strength to get rid of the threat. Once and for all.

Shifters in space? Sign me up. As soon as I read the blurb for this one, I was quick to snatch it up. Sci fi and fantasy were my first love, so I was really looking forward to the merging of both genres with a healthy dose of romance. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end, even if there were a few small details I felt could have been developed better.

I loved the attraction between Trent and Vince. Trent values all his crew, and even though he’s pirating to make his living, he has a high morality where they are concerned. I loved his relationship with his crew members, and I really liked that as much as he wanted Vince, he didn’t push too hard. But Trent did push a little, just enough to get Vince to open up and share his fears and feelings. I especially liked that he wasn’t going to let Vince face the threat on his own, and that he was a solid reminder of everything Vince had to live for.

Vince has got a lot working against him. Guilt over his lifemate’s murder being the biggest. Vince’s emotional journey was the biggest pay off for me here. He goes from drowning his sorrows and pain, to standing up for what he loves. His pain at his loss felt real, and it made sense that he would push against his new attraction instead of embracing it. In the end, he found the strength to do what was right and to fight against those who threaten his mate and the crew he thinks of as family.

The world building was fairly solid, if there were some points that needed to be fleshed out a bit. If you’re a fan of the sci fi genre, it won’t be too hard to just go with it. There are also some shifter tropes here as well, but not used in the traditional sense. I thought, for the most part, it was a nice blend. Again, I would have liked a little bit better explanation about how certain things worked, but it wasn’t a huge detriment to the story.

The ending was both satisfying and a little disappointing. On the one hand, everything works out, everyone is healthy and whole, and Trent and Vince’s relationship is going strong. On the other, some things were just a little too easy and without the emotional impact they should have had. So I have kind of mixed feelings about the ending, but overall it worked for the story.

So yeah. This is one I can definitely recommend. Go into it ready to suspend a little disbelief, and you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Solid writing coupled with great characters make it an enjoyable read.

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