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Length: Novella

Alpha Jake Nelson isn’t worried about escaping his kidnappers. But he can’t leave the omega he finds behind. Fortunately, his kidnappers aren’t as smart as they seem, and he’s able to place a 911 call that gets both him and the omega, David Beecham, rescued. But in the process, David accidentally imprints on and bonds with Jake. Now Jake has to decide if he wants to claim the omega for his own.

So a pretty short synopsis of a fairly short, and uninvolved, book. When I read the blurb for this one, I was all for it. It hit several of my favorite tropes, and I was looking forward to reading it. But unfortunately, this book didn’t live up to the promise for me.

The characters are nice enough, but they lack dimension. It was hard for me to engage with either of them, because all we get is the surface. They are caricatures, really. Jake is a rather forward thinking alpha, and we know this because we’re told. Same for the progressive omega, David, who refuses to be just a doormat. To me, it felt like there was a personality checklist and each characteristic was presented as a way to mark it off. One thing after another. In fact, the “get to know you” scene was basically the characters giving a laundry list of their likes, hobbies, and wants. It fell flat for me and didn’t give me much to relate to.

This story was basically a whole lot of telling. That was the biggest downfall for me. It was such a good premise, and if the action had been shown instead, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. As it was, I felt a step removed from the story. That, coupled with the lack of chemistry between the MCs, and this book let me feeling disappointed.

In the end, I just couldn’t engage with the story or the characters. I needed more development of the plot points, and more depth to the MCs. While the premise was good, everything was much too rushed. Without that, the book just fell short.

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