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Talon and Finn are settling into their relationship and Finn’s new role on the enhanced FBI team. Talon still worries about Finn, but Finn is becoming more a part of the team and getting along better with the other guys. It is not all easy, however. The public still has a lot of distrust for the enhanced and the team faces prejudices on many fronts, including fellow law enforcement officers. But they are also get called in to help on more cases, the latest one with missing enhanced kids who seem to be disappearing from foster homes.

Finn is tasked with going undercover to pose as a foster child and try to find out exactly what is going on. Talon goes a bit crazy worrying about Finn, but Finn is determined to be a part of the team. In addition to his fears for Finn, Talon is also in some personal upheaval as his mother returns to his life with an agenda, and his powers are suddenly going all out of whack. Talon worries that his lack of control is a threat to Finn, and added with his concerns for Finn’s safety on the job, becomes more overprotective than Finn would like. But when Finn finds his life in danger, he realizes just how much Talon has come to mean to him. Now Finn and Talon must figure out what is happening to the missing kids without costing Finn his life and his chance at a future with Talon.

Who We Truly Are is the second book in Victoria Sue’s Enhanced series and once again follows Finn and Talon. Things have progressed with their relationship, and though it hasn’t been very long, it has become serious quickly. But these guys keep being tested by a host of problems, both personal and professional, that make them question each other’s feelings and whether things can really work. I like both of these guys and think they make for an interesting couple. I like that Finn is kind of this innocent, geeky guy paired up with the hunky (and at times intimidating) Talon. I think Sue does a nice job showing what draws these two very different men to one another and I like their connection.

I do think these guys continue to have sort of  back and forth quality to their relationship. They are all in really fast, and at times they are fully committed after what seems to be only a matter of weeks. They are in love, they think of a future together, and they seem very solid. Then other times they are both questioning what the other sees in him, whether he is good for his partner, etc. I feel like if you are going to have a story where the guys are all in it at a breakneck speed, then having them frequently second guessing makes it harder for me as a reader to really buy them together, especially as many of these same concerns crop up in the first book. I needed them to be more certain of what they were doing or I couldn’t help wondering why they are moving forward so fast.

In addition to the relationship end of things, the story also picks up some threads from the previous book and gives the guys a new case with Finn going undercover to help find the missing kids. I thought it was interesting and it comes together well at the end. But this part of the story does take some time to get started and I found that the threads of the suspense plot often felt lost for portions of the book. I also continue to find Finn’s role in both the team and this case a little hard to believe. I mean, he still has barely any training. He is technically an FBI agent, yet he has so few of the skills and training he needs for his job. I know I just have to go with this, as it is something that bugged me in the first book too. But FBI agents have hundreds of hours of training and Finn is sort of thrown in to the job with only the bare basics.

I think this becomes a problem here again for me because Finn’s fitness for this job is a source of conflict between the men. Talon worries a lot about Finn and is quite overprotective and it ruffles Finn’s feathers, which I get. But really, Talon is right. No matter how smart or capable Finn may be (and he is both), he is not trained or prepared for a serious undercover operation. So as much as I get that Finn doesn’t want to be coddled, I didn’t necessarily think that Talon is wrong to worry about him. Especially when Finn doesn’t always follow protocol, at least twice has a tantrum and storms away, and once makes a major move on the case without consulting anyone in the chain of command just because he is pissed off at Talon. So I want to get behind Finn and see him as an equal partner in this team, but I need to see his skills and training and for him to really demonstrate that he is ready for all this if I am going to fully believe it.

The main suspense plot wraps up here and there is some resolution for Finn and Talon as well. The next book in the series features Gael and I am really interested to see the shift to new MCs, just so we can get to know other members of the team. I think it was good to stick with Finn and Talon here because we get to delve much more into Talon’s backstory, something that we don’t cover much in the first book. But now I think it is good time to get to really know these other guys and see what their abilities are and how they work as part of the team. The setup for the next book looks really fun (I am excited for the other MC as well) so I am looking forward to more from this series.

Note: This book releases Friday, July 14th and is available for preorder

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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