Today I am so excited to welcome author S.J. Himes to Joyfully Jay. She is here as part of the GRL Blog Tour to chat with us a bit. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Hello everyone, my name is SJ Himes, and this will be my first GRL as a Featured Author. I’m both nervous and excited. I can’t wait, honestly. It was great last year in Kansas City, but I’ve always wanted to go to Denver, so I am really amped up for this year!

I attended in 2016 as a reader, and it was awesome. I got to put names to faces, see some of my favorite authors, and I made new friendships that have lasted well past the last day on the retreat. Last year some of my favorite things were the Q&A panels and the themed party. I won’t be dressing up this year either, but I love seeing all the inventive and fantastic costumes readers and authors create.

grl tour badgeThis year, as a Featured Author, I plan on sharing my bestselling urban fantasy series, The Beacon Hill Sorcerer, along with the next installment of The Wolfkin Saga, The Wolf of the Northern Star. Both series are intricate and I have several more books planned between the two of them. If I’m lucky, and can sneak it in, I hope to have the fourth and final book of my alter ego’s series Bred For Love completed in time for the retreat.

I plan on utilizing Facebook Live while at the retreat–so if you see me with my smartphone out talking to myself, I swear I haven’t gone totally insane yet. Feel free to flag me down and introduce yourself, or hop on into the chat and say hello! I also have a goal of snagging as many Instagram pictures of fans, readers, organizers and authors as I can (Of course, if you don’t want your picture taken, I always ask first. I hate stealth pictures myself and can’t imagine doing that to someone else!)

I will be doing a pre-order for all my books, both as SJ Himes and my pen name, Revella Hawthorne, and I will have books available at the Indie Authors tables as well! I’m bringing along prizes, swag, and some unique gifts for attendees to win during panels.

I love hanging out between scheduled events for lunch and dinner. I hate eating alone so there’s always room at my table, know you’re more than welcome to sit down and introduce yourself. I’ll be in Denver for a whole week, so there’s plenty of chances to hang out. I can’t wait to see everyone in Denver!

And in case you’re interested, here’s my Official GRL bio!

I’m a self-employed writer who stresses out about the silliest things, like whether or not I got my dog the best kind of snack and the fact my kindle battery tends to die when I’m at the best part in a book. I write mainly gay romance, erotica, and urban fantasy, with occasional forays into contemporary and paranormal. I love a book heavy on plot and character evolution, and throw in some magic, and that’s perfection. My current series are: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer, Bred For Love (as Revella Hawthorne), and The Wolfkin Saga. My last two novels in the Beacon Hill Sorcerer won 3rd Place in the Gay Fantasy category for the 2016 Rainbow Awards. I live in New Orleans, where the personalities are big and loud and so are the bugs! New Orleans is rich in cultural history, and the flavor and music of the City is impossible to hide. Before that, I lived all over the United States: Tampa, Western Massachusetts, Indianapolis, and on and on…. I’m a nomad, and I’ve yet to find a place that calls to me strongly enough to become home. My faithful travel companions are my dog Micah, the numerous voices in my head who insist they all get put on paper, and the wind at my back.

You can find me at my website:

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GayRomLit is an annual retreat that brings together the people who create and celebrate LGBT romance for a one-of-a-kind, must-attend gathering of dynamic, informal, and diverse fun.

Each year, the retreat rotates to a new city and hosts tons of events from raucous parties to mellow tête á têtes while still maintaining a spirit of familiarity. GRL is the place to connect with old friends, find family you didn’t know you had, and meet with both newly published and established authors in the gay romance genre.

This year’s retreat will be held in Denver, Colorado on October 19-22, 2017 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center.

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